If writers get to complain about writer’s block, then surely developers have something similar.  I have it right now, and that’s the shittiest thing is. Come on, brain. During my [...]

Every dev dreams, at some point or the other, of making an MMO. Another WoW – killer? Pfft. Any MMORPG gamer with at least a mild understanding of the game [...]

Roguelikes are a type of game that relies heavily on procedural content generation to assemble levels and even enemies. Often referred to as dungeon crawlers, most roguelikes cast you as a warrior traversing a deep underground area, with each level being created by the game on the fly. Once upon a time, roguelikes used to [...]

I’ve stayed away from 4250games for almost two days now. The reason: IndieGraph’s expanding into a magazine. I’ve teamed up with dragonwing over at Golden Claw Games [http://www.goldenclaw.net/] to make the IndieGraph magazine a reality. Why a magazine, when we were fine as we were? Well, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Seeing the [...]

I, as far as my individual efforts are concerned, am off gamedev. Call if a New Year’s resolution, if you will, though I don’t have much truck with that kinda thing. I have 7 months left for my finals and it’s time to pull through with my studies. In 7 months – freedom; to pursue [...]

No work done today, none at all. Yesterday night’s work – the character runs, animations are working, everything’s A-OK. The arm rotates nicely as well; it’s amazing what good animation brings to a platformer. I’ll have to crack out my copy of the Game Maker‘s Companion to perfect the side-collsion masks. Over and out. Filed [...]

                        True to Abuse-esque gameplay, I now have fluid running animations, an arm that moves independently of the body, and general platforming left-and-right motion up and running. Not a lot, but I’m taking this one in short steps. Of course, development of anything Abuse [...]

I came back from Trincomalee to a very pleasant Christmas surprise – Cris Priestman over at Indie Game Mag has [very generously] posted about the Maze. One small step for indie gamedev, one giant step for 4250! Thanks, Cris! Read the article here. Filed under: 2d, 4250, indie, Magazine, maze Tagged: 4250, award, download, indie, [...]

Yesterday, I went over to my friend’s place to study. What actually happened was that we ended up playing Karoshi. For those who don’t know, Karoshi is probably one of the most unique games ever made. Because . . . .get this – the goal is to die. That’s right. In every other video game [...]

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