pittu is a mixture of fresh rice meal , every lightly roasted and mixed with fresh grated coconut, then steamed in a bamboo mound. it has a soft crumbly texture and is eaten with fresh coconut ‘milk’ and a hot chili relish or curry. visit our e-village

Kitulgala was a calm,quiet and sleepy village.the kalani river flowed down the village.The mornings were beautiful with the mist around.some years back a team of foreigners came there. visit our e-village

weather moon Seasons and climates are there because of weather.clouds, wind rain and snow change theweather moon has no air or water .so there are no seasons and climates on the moon. visit our e-village

sanath jayasuriya is well know for his fast batting.he holds the record for the fastest century in one day international cricket matches. he also holds the record for the highest number of runs scored twenty nine-in a single over.he is an all-rounder,good at bowling and fielding too.he is an old boy ofst. seruatious college matara. visit our e-village

susanthika  jayasingha is the first sri lanka  woman athlete to win a medal at  the olympics. she won the bronze medal  for the women 200 metres race at the olympic games held in sydney , australia in 2000  . she is from athanawela. a small rural village in sri lanka .she studied at uduwaka  aththanawela  vidyalaya . visit our e-village ...

He  was the minister of education of the government in 1932 .he wanted to give a free education to every child on the island .he is sometimes called the father of free education. visit our e-village

Cleopatra  the  empress of  Egypt is considered one of the most beautiful woman who ever lived. she was not only beautiful,she was intelligent too.the former rulers of  Rome Caesar and  mark  Antony  were in love  with her. visit our e-village

There are many wild animals in forests . the tiger ,the wolf  ,the elephant the bear ,the dear and the wild buffalo are few of them. some of them eat leaves and some eat the flesh of other small animals. we can see these animals at the zoo. visit our e-village

A Fisherman is  a  person who  catches  fish .fisherman  work  hard , day and night .they go to a sea together with  others. they use boats and fishing nets to catch fish .normally   fisherman live in the coastal areas. some times they go from place to place. visit our e-village

                  The national flag of sri lanka is the lion flag .it has a long  history. there is a lion carrying a sword. the lion signifies heroism and   strength.it refers to the history of ournation. the lion is yellow in colour in a crimson back ground .the sword which the lion holds in its right [...]

                         Gardening involves a number of different kind of exercises including stretching and good lifting.Astudy shows that you can good  exercise by raking  the lawn,trimming the trees and shrubs.clearing bushes and stacking  wood also provide good exercise to your body ,equal to a light aerobics class visit our e-village

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