A woman alone Sipping her drink A woman alone Gracefully she thinks Do she say That she’s a spy Do she say Its all a lie He will be shattered He will be broken He will be shattered Once she’s spoken It worries her How its come so far It worries her Burn like a […]

  So I’ve been busy sprucing up my new website. I recently purchased www.rosetintedview.com. I hosted it on private hosting and did the usual import and export cause you know. [...]

Earlier this year I accompanied by sister on a trip to India. Armed with a 35mm film SLR my aim was to capture the beauty of India and its people. Having traveled to Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi and Calcutta I’ve seen … Continue reading →

As of recent I’ve been indulging in literature and art in an attempt to better myself culturally. I’ve come to the point in life where I realise I’m really not worth the value anymore. So the crusade begins to expand … Continue reading →

“I think it should rain just after noon and end at round 5″ That’s what a colleague said when we discussed the rain that, like an ex girlfriend  than randomly appears, blows you and then goes away leaving a big wet mess. Each person has a time that they’d like it to rain. Some prefer [...]

The world has moved online. More people spend time on their computers online, than they do playing sports, making love or verbally arguing. Online arguing is still an all time high. Like all things, those superior in code and design are websites that get the most noticed and visited. There are some websites which have [...]

Absolut, everyone’s favourite Swedish Vodka has decided to celebrate London’s rich fashion and culture with icons of each era on their new limited edition bottle. The bottle which will be available from today at selected stores for £21. I’m planning on getting one since the bottle is soooo pretty and I like the contents. Oh [...]

I first encountered Dan Millman when I was 14. His bestseller Way of The Peaceful Warrior found its way to me when my friend let me borrow the book. My friend’s mother wanted him to read more and would constantly give him a good book to read. Him being lazy would give the book to [...]

When people asked me if I was going for the GLF. I would reply, “Nope, I got the chance to attend the JLF” Most people thought I was attending a literature festival in Jaffna. I made time to visit the Jaipur Literature Festival where the headliners were Oprah and the controversial Salman Rushdie who eventually [...]

Beat to beat Bass on bass Ill never forget The look on your face Pure bliss Feet off the ground Your hands up You moved to the sound The energy in you Your body keeps up You spin around You won’t stop Its past midnight now Its down tempo Heels in your hand Its time [...]

I found this lying on my bed. Probably my sisters doing. She’s probably noticed that I’ve distanced myself as of late. Its nothing to do with them. They’re perfectly fine. Its all me. I’ve been spending quite a lot of my time thinking and planning. It would appear to others as brooding. But the cogs [...]

  I was going over my numbers and realized that I am going to be broke this December. The first party hurdle I have to conquer is Offshore Life’s “Return of the Gods.” Happening on the 9th, they return to Buba for another one of their 24 hour parties. The previous post about the party [...]

I just discovered that Blackberry App World is finally active in Sri Lanka. Before we weren’t recognised as a region and thus RIM snubbed us. Applications were nil and downloaded thru third party sites. The selections were limited and the pop ups limitless. Now its finally up in SL, we can download applications that iPhone [...]

“Where have you been?” That’s the question my blogged asked me when I logged into wordpress after ages. It’s right. It has been a while. And I have neglected you too long. I’ve been busy my friend. I have now pursed a career that actually challenges me. No more learning the system and then beating [...]

The latest item to take Sri Lankan social media by storm is the product of responsible thinking and the need to make an attitude change in the people of our nation and abroad. Created by Subhash Pinnapola and team at Leo Burnet Sri Lanka, they reveal to the rest of the country the importance of [...]

Its 1.40 I’m on the A12 the road that according to Google Maps leads to Trincomalee. I’m in one of those large latha bus’ on the way to Jaffna. It all started when my sister was asked to go cover the event on behalf of the newspaper she works for. The event being the Jaffna [...]

I was playing with R’s Samsung Galaxy S the other day and I was amazed at the new Android Contact Book. Google who can’t do anything without linking it all together has linked the Contact Book on your Android phone with Facebook™ as well as Twitter™. The first thing it does is imports all your [...]

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