The trestle bridge The layout isNearing completion. The final touches to the track and scenery needs to be added . I am quite happy with the completed trestle bridge The first trains are on track

It's on track After what seems like ages I have an update to the scheme Actually a lot has been accomplished with all the buildings in the town More or less nearing completion and the baseboard is alsonearly doneI am now thinking and planning a much bigger layout to run all my trainsBut that will be for another posting

The Trains I model 'N' gauge trains which work out to 160:1 scale .I think this is the second most popular gauge after 'HO' which is 87:1 scale . N gives you the ability to model realistically large areas in limited space The trains running on this layout of which I don't have many rolling stock as they will have to be ...

The Layout A sketch of how the Layout might look like,A typical small town somewhere in the untamed frontiers  of the west  The steel tracks pushing further west to the promise of gold and Californiarailway workers  and ranch hands sustaining the  small town economy.

The first Steps The first buildings are taking shape and as you can see from the pics they are alright but needs to be a little neater but that might come with a little practiceThe first one I don't know what it's function is yet, the second is the general store

The 'Base" The Bases for the layout  have arrived courtesy of a timber furniture and all other things in timber manufacturer  who is currently doing lots of work for usthere are two of them and I will have to choose the most suitable, in this case  the one with the bigger circumference and smoother under side.

The chronicles of the matchsticks When I was about five years old, my cousin who was around twelve at the time used to create matchstick towns to complement their matchbox vehicle collection. I remember the whole floor of their bedroom except for the furniture was a miniature town, the roads were drawn with chalk from school. This was the inspiration that drove me to what ...

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