Black is BeautifulBlack is Beautiful One of the most distinctive features among many Sri Lankans and south Indians is their deep, dark complexion. It seems peculiar that there is sometimes a lack of appreciation for this beguiling physical trait. What to me is uniquely attractive is a dark complexion combined with a rich crop of straight, wavy or curly black ...

Prologue: It has been 9 months since my last post. I could summarise the reasons as follows: Time... juggling work and personal life.Complaints... not often but occasionally someone wants their pics removed, either the person pictured or the photographer.Opportunity... I seldom get the chance to take the images myself.Partner... my kind but jealous partner would have me see no one else in the

original image sourceI have to confess, "Indian men are to die for!" Dark, mustached, muscled and manly--such is what characterizes the Indian bodybuilders featured on a website which shall go unnamed. (My apologies for that, but I haven't really got permission to borrow the pics.)I just get weak kneed for these men who pose and prance with physiques more handsome than Michaelangelo's

Mr W incredible physique--well, they all do,short-cropped hair, giving him that well-mannered, absolute gentleman look,translucent brown eyesand thick, luscious lips.Mr S even more incredible physique,an incredibly beautiful, rich brown complexion,an equally incredible handsome face,short, stylish, curly brown hair,thick, masculine eyebrowsand a delicious afternoon shadow.Mr T

There are not enough works of art which depict, what I believe, is the unique and alluring beauty of the men of Sri Lanka.I have come across only three bodies of work, one in paintings and the other two in photography--samples of which you will find here (works of Beven, Wendt and Smith).Artistic expression is an irresistible impulse. And so is the desire to view and collect what the artist

I understand why this slogan is put forward. If you are gay, society often seems to be saying that something's wrong with you. So you feel a need to stand up for yourself and say...I'm proud to be who/what I am.I get that, but I don't believe the notion of pride is what this statement is really about. It is more an assertion of self-acceptance.Whether it is being gay and proud, black and proud or

Awe shucks, I missed Valentine's. I mean, I didn't make much of that big day of love.For some of us (most of us?) Valentine's Day is a non-event. Baby, baby be mine!OK, some of us guys and gals get the token chocolate or even a little flower bud from a classmate, family member or colleague. But how many of us are really so lucky as to find ourselves in the grips of romantic love?Even so,

Is that a really long time, or not really? A lot can happen in 10 years. Then again, a lot can happen in 10 days.Ten years often seems really short when we look at it in through a rear view mirror. But when we're looking forward ten years can seem like an eternity. How strange is that!photos of Bryan Smith ↓ →The point of this philosophizing about time is to celebrate the thought that in ten

Who's online @ Sri Lankan(2) Indian(3) AmericanJoin in, seek intimacy and make new friends.__________________________________.I wish I could announce that these three hot numbers are Sri Lankan Male's top chatters. The best I can offer are the top three places in country visitor stats.  Sri Lankans, Indians and Americans are the most common visitors to this blog

♣ My eyes have seen the wonder...I feature in today's post four Aces of other South Asian lineage. ♣   The Ace of Clubs, dark and sultry.♦   The Ace of Diamonds, mesmerizing.♠   The Ace of Spades, the absolute dark knight.♥   And the Ace of Hearts, ripe with beauty.To my mind Bangladesh is an undiscovered planet. I have yet to visit and ...

It's a new year... seems they come and go rather quickly.Leaving world events aside, what was your 2011 like? Where are you and how was life for you there?Me... here in Dubai. Life was good, no traumas--I still have my job! Besides that I can feel good about three nice things:Finished paying two mortgages, so to speak--they weren't really mortgages and I still have a smallish payment to

♂1. The slender physique of a budding young bodybuilder from the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu represents a modest start to...Anonymous Tamil NaduThe Real Men of Chennai, ed. 14Tamil Nadu and the city of Chennai--formerly called Madras--is home to a growing number of male enthusiasts of bodybuilding and many a men of dark, handsome physiques.<< nice skin and muscle tone, if not exactly

  Water Effect by Crazyprofile.comA face only a mother could love?What's your take? A mean look is sometimes sexy! Anyway, I doubt this muscle man is mean. it is just the look the pose demands. It seems when a bodybuilder struts his stuff, he has to huff and puff a bit. << power, sweat & bronzeAnd more power to him. He ...

What do you want to know about Sri Lankan Male?~a Three Blind Men imageIs Sri Lankan Male a gay site?People are gay. Internet sites are expressions of the people who create them. Sri Lankan male is about expressing appreciation for the physical attributes of Sri Lankan men. The site isn't about sex, but it is about the men. Anyone attracted to Sri Lankan and South Asian men will probably be

The word--South--evokes certain tantalizing thoughts and images... heat, sweat, spices and hot, hot men!shades of of a bygone era                  The word--Indian--excites the senses even more... think culture, exoticism, religion and passion!Put the two words together and you get...THIS!(click on me)the essential South Indian maleFeatures that attract: Dark complexion, clear dark eyes, full ...

What draws us to a man?                         There is so much to the young man posing here that meets the eye. It starts with his own eyes and his especially strong, arching eyebrows. There is something so incredibly masculine and handsome about such a well-defined feature.They frame his eyes and seem even to suggest something of his character. Dark, thick and long-arching ...

As a girl might see it Sri Lankan boys are sexy, especially those slender dark boys with gleaming white teeth, shiny black hair and long lanky arms!dark 'n' sexy >>They say a girl likes to see nice round bums in a guy, but when it comes to any sultry Sri Lankan beach boy it has got to be his dark ...

What is it like to be gay in Sri Lanka today? Better today than it was before, right? If nothing else you can at least know that you are not alone.With the Internet and networking it is possible to find a partner, at least for a tryst. And the tried and true methods are still there, too--a revealing look into the eyes of a passing stranger, a fortuitous brush against another on a crowded city bus

I don't think the war in Sri Lanka ended long enough ago for images of the soldier to generate a sense of nostalgia. But on this blog it does just that. The image of the Sri Lankan soldier is to me one of the most alluring images of the Sri Lankan male.The eyes of the soldier don't smile, but rather reveal conflicted emotions. I believe it is a combination of determination, fear and bravado.The

Back...Well, actually it is this frontal image that warrants a second take. click image for fuller viewBut I have to announce that I'm back, as this is the first post in several months. I have wondered whether to continue posting for a number of reasons:It takes a considerable amount of time to get a good post together. I've got a partner who doesn't approve so I have to post on the sly.I haven't

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