Lakegala This is a super destination for hikers. Lakegala is situated in Knuckles Mountain Range close to a very remote village called Meemure. The above picture was taken from that village. As per the legend, Ravana, a mythological king of Sri Lanka used this mountain as a landing strip for his aircraft.Once I tried this with a bunch of friends but ...

Norochcholai This photo was taken near Norochcholai close to Puttalam Town (Pass Mundal Lagoon) Norochcholai is a fishing village. Also this area is close to famous dolphin watching sea area around Kalpitiya. Norochcholai is just three hour drive from Colombo.

Poonagala This picture of Poonagala hills was taken from Wellawaya. I love Wellawaya because of this scenery.Poonagala hills are famous for its viewing points such as Lipton Seat, Millennium Point and Pilkington’s Point. Also Diyaluma falls form from the streams flowing from these hills.

Towards Diyathalawa You will go through this Pinus forest, if you travel from Haputhale to Diyathalawa. Haputhale, Diyathalawa and Bandarawela known for their cool and less humid climates, quite close to temperate zones in the world.This stretch of forest is about 3-4 km. More pictures of this beautiful area is shown here.

Wellawaya Wellawaya is a town in Monaragala District, with access roads to Monaragala, Thissamaharama, Haputhale and Ella. A2 main road, which starts from Colombo, ends at Wellawaya, after passing the entire southern coastal belt. A4 road to Batticaloa also goes pass Wellawaya.It is a beautiful place as you can see the mountains of Haputhale and Ella from there. I posted about ...

More Unusual Guests I met this unusual guest recently. The photo came from a mobile phone as I was not ready for him. I have seen a few porcupines but this one was quite big. Hope someone can identify the exact specie.

Peeli Hatha ‘Peeli hatha’ means seven springs of water. I saw only one spring of water but the rocky ledge would create seven of them during rainy season. Above place was found about one kilometer from this tree.It was a nice pool of water but I was disappointed to witness this mess in the vicinity.

Trees of Life These amazing trees were captured in Mathugama area. Hope you can identify those peculiar objects hanging from the palms. I have not seen so many 'wadu kurulu' (Baya Weaver) nests in one place. A closer view is shown here. It appeared that this community has lived here for a long period of time as I saw some of the older nests on the ground.

Hi All,I gave a bit of aesthetic touch to my blog after a long time.The design idea for the slideshow is from www.bloggertipandtrick.netLet me know how it looks from different browsers. So far no issues with Internet Explorer and Firefox

Trail This picture was captured somewhere close to Negombo. A few kilomtres from the main airport of Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, an epic Trail, which was started on the 1st of July has now completed two thirds of its journey. It is a walk

Kandy from Bahirawa Kanda This picture was taken from Bahirawa Kanda. 'Bahirawa' is a demonic mythical figure. Some of the folklore related to this mysterious place is detailed out in this link. The enitire Kandy city was visible from this point. More p

More from Punchi Lokanthaya Above picture was taken from Punchi Lokanthaya or Mini world’s End of Pitawalapathana, Knuckles Range. You get to see a wide range of area from this point and it is one of the best points to view the beauty of Knuckles Range, Sri Lanka’s largest mountain range.More photos are uploaded here.

127 Hours Have you seen the film, 127 hours? I remembered it while jumping over this vertical crevice with the trapped boulder between the walls of rock.The picture was taken at mini 'Worlds End' of Knuckles Range.

Horizon Knuckles Range is the biggest mountain range in Sri Lanka. The entire region is covered with thick forest, except a few isolated villages. All you see is mountains and forest cover up to the horizon.The Knuckles Range is part of the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka which is already identified as a World Heritage Site ...

First Rays of Sunlight This picture was taken from Lower Ohiya. I had an interesting stay there for few days and managed to find out one of the shortest path to Horton Plains from A4 road via Udaveriya Estate.You can check out more pictures of this journey thro' Anjana’s Blog.To see more scenic images, explore this wonderful site - ...

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