Vithushan, born on September 2, 1999 is a 12 year old child studying in grade 6 at Anaikkoddai Balasubramaniam Maha Vithyalayam.During the final stages of the armed conflict in the Vanni, Vithushan lost all his immediate family members namely, his father, mother, brother and two sisters at Mathalan on March 3, 2009. Glorious Jaffna “Let’s [...]

The proper implementation of the programme started recently after getting the required approvals from the relevant government institutions. The distribution of the educational material for the 500 children was completed in September. It was carried out in the 15 DS Divisions in the Jaffna Peninsula with the participation of project officers from Asia Capital & [...]

The Educational Sponsorship Programme started its next phase by starting to distribute Educational material for 500 children. One such distribution took place at the Chankanai DS division on the 26th of August with the participation of Project Officers from Asia Capital & Caritas. Out of the 49 children selected from this region 42 children were [...]

A beneficiary assessment was conducted at Vadamaradchy East Assistant Government Agent (AGA) Office, Thalayady on Tuesday, June 28, 2011 from 03:00pm to 05:00pm. This area is still considered a high security zone where mine clearance and resettlement is on going. Electricity has not been provided yet. Transport is a bottle neck with limited buses in [...]

Yathusha 8 years and Thanu 5 years are two vulnerable children who were identified and selected for the pilot educational sponsorship project launched under Asia Capital Plc’s CSR Programme in January 2011. Mr Manohan Nanayakkara, the Chairman of the Group of Companies initiated this sponsorship that is expected to cover 10,000 children in the North [...]

Among our tropical island’s localities which have been suffused for centuries by calm and contentment, Jaffna had been the beau ideal. Time was when its old-world charm and equally enchanting cultural traditions could seldom have been encountered anywhere on earth. The peninsula, with its quaint cadjan-thatched fences, picture-book villages and placid inlets and lagoons, was [...]

The distribution of educational material was carried out by Caritas along with the project officers from Asia Capital PLC on the 25th Of April as part of the Educational Sponsorship programme. There were more than 13 different types of Educational goods that were handed over to the selected children on this occasion. Most importantly the educational [...]

Introduction The Educational sponsorship programme which was launched as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative under the guidance of Mr. Manohan Nanayakkara, the Chairman, Asia Capital PLC, is a historical milestone from the perspective of the corporate sector in Sri Lanka. The importance of this project is even more significant as the country is recovering [...]

Asia Capital PLC, the country’s largest investment bank, and the flagship of a diversified financial conglomerate has launched an innovative and humanitarian exercise in helping with the rehabilitation process in the war-ravaged northern peninsula. Its compassionate trend-setting mission is aimed at funding both nutritional and educational children’s charities in Jaffna. As a CSR initiative the [...]

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