What do you do when your roommates girlfriend barges into your dorm room? Panic of course! you don’t wait till you find out why she looks so mad, because you know he’s in trouble, and when he’s in trouble you’re in trouble. Technically she’s not supposed to be on this floor. You know segregation and all but the moron has ...

Dinner Looks Like This Just felt the urge to cook dinner on a whim. Made dhal, green bean and chicken curries. Enjoyed both Hennessy and Baron Otard cognac while cooking. Dinner came out real well. Stuffed now. We used curry powders made specifically at home. Tomatoes and coriander leaves star prominently!

Someone wanted me to write about Colombo, so I did. I discovered this post many weeks later, when both that someone and I had forgotten this ever happened. Anyway, here goes. Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, is a pretty small city. In fact, seen from above, it’s not so much a city as […]

Man does not live by a turkey in every oven or a color TV set in every home. Man lives by faith and hope and love, by the star on the horizon, by the trumpet that will not call retreat. … Continue reading →

Salad This salad was so good. It had: bacon, olive oil, baby corn, parsley, onion, tomato, olives, mushrooms, coconut oil, and beetroot.

CODE OF CONDUCT - story by T. Nithiyakeerthy (Nithiyakeerthy - the former Eelam Tamil Association President and one of the founder members of the Australian Tamil Congress –Victorian chapter. He also served the Tamil community in New Zealand as the President of Wellington Tamil Society for four years.He was well respected by the Tamil community in Australia and New Zealand. He was a great writer, poet and actor. ...

Shock! Never thought this would happen, but it’s for the best. Although I am a Ferrari fan, Alonso deserves better. Hate saying it, but it is the truth. Sigh. Let’s see what Vettel in a Ferrari can do.

Some time ago (well, technically July, 2014), CNBC published an article on Antoine Dominic – a Sri Lankan tech CEO turned luxury car dealer – and his $4 million Lamborghini Veneno. As the article says, Lamborghini didn’t just built this car for anybody – they hand-picked three buyers; Dominic, an investor from Florida, another client from the […]

I walked back into the lion’s den Though I feared I may be mauled again I wiped my tears and held my head high I tried so hard to believe the lie That everything would be fine this time That you’d spare my body and my mind That the scars I bore would quickly heal That you would love me ...

I walked into the house after a long day at work, and worrying about my heart and my heart’s man. I was greeted by the sight of my mother, beaming and blooming at the mere sight of me. I could see the love filling her up, and when she held me I felt safe as […]

Unlike the BBS, I have no illusions that the Ruling Dynasty will just step down from power. Time has proven that Mahinda Rajapakse knows better than most people on how to wield the powers of the High Office. What I am concerned about is that nobody in the Government - much less the Familia - seems to be speaking out against the BBS.

Brushing Religion I wish people would interpret religion in a way where it would be bearable. What we have now is something that is an aggressive hybridization of something that was once pure. Gave up on fluoride. Letting the words ejaculate with my favorite aphrodisiac.

Emma Watson’s Unexceptional, Somewhat Ignorant Speech Emma Watson, at the UN A young, educated, privileged, white woman-celebrity gets appointed a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador six months ago (UN Women is the United Nations organisation that works with women’s rights and issues). At the UN General Assembly, to launch a UN Women campaign on gender equality, this celebrity spokesperson, the Goodwill Ambassador, is asked to make a ...

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