Why Sri Lankan Men Make Women Uncomfortable

Icarus Wept
If there’s one thing all my female friends have in common, it’s that all of them have been stared at, catcalled, dry-humped and masturbated at.  It’s not that all of them are alluringly sexy (sorry, folks) or go out in leather and heels every day. It happens whether they’re wearing jeans, shirts, skirts, hijabs, flat, sneakers. One of them is a ...

Emotions; Men vs Women

Faculty Of Science Students
When it comes to emotions, women always tend to be emotional than men. Men always set themselves as the rational, cool-headed thinkers, while women are more sympathetic to the emotional plight of others. A new study, published in Psychoneuroendocrinology and conducted by researchers at the Institut Universitaire en Santé Mentale de Montréal and the University of Montreal, has found that subtle ...


Notes On Mirrors
C and I celebrate another milestone today – half a decade since we got married. I am excited and also a bit in awe that we made it this far. 5 years later, C still elicits the warm and fuzzies. With his dopey grin and perennially sunny nature, he is a lumbering tower of optimism and complements my comparatively safe ...


Seasons unfold Sprouting new life-giving creatures That the heart holds special Infatuation becomes a thing of the recent past And something compass-driven And feeling-chiseled takes over Prone to immutability Seemingly unlike late puberty and the flu season When you feel a running heart At every beautiful creature That passes you by And when that inescapable Love-tune enters that groovy ...

Blinking Stars

Loads of stars up in the sky Just together blinking alike But each one of them has their own story Light years away all lonely...

Blinking Stars

Loads of stars up in the sky Just together blinking alike Each of them has a very own story Light years away all lonely

The Dehiwala Zoo Controversy: To Shut Down or Not?

Will the (in)famous Dehiwala Zoo that just completed 80 years running soon be shut down? While pressure is mounting on zoo officials to end the suffering of its animals, a battle rages on, with some environmentalists demanding that the zoo be shut down altogether, and others suggesting that it be developed, and continue functioning as a conservation and education centre. ...


I furrow Through the night-darkness It seems we don’t make love With the lights on – Let’s say that was God’s gift Fate’s way of making us “very special” Made for each other in odd’s disequilibrium And we don’t bungle our way Through switches or care about how beautiful The intercourse of brawn and beauty is We only have ...


Sometime we are sylphs Weightless like a feather when we feel The thrill of every passing moment With a spring in one’s step And sometimes – notoriously often….. We are circumspect, inner-wheels turning And the outer in a deadlock or stalemate Seemingly caught between two worlds The perfect Archie paradox – Betty or Veronica Yet at the end of ...

Short Story: Home Invader

Rohitha Perera
Craving warmth like never before, he crawled purposely towards the house that was illuminated in an inviting glow of light. So peaceful and welcoming, he thought. With a smile, and a whisper of gratitude he surreptitiously went in. He won’t make a sound, he promised himself. But just as the warmth of the house enveloped him, and the brightness of ...

Life Begins at 40 (On my 40th B’day)

Viagra billboard in San Jose With age everything gets thicker The waistline, glasses and the shirt-fit But then you realize – as you stare at your wife – What a blessing age is, after all, all you have to do Is to look at the her hips and buttocks To realize that age is a miracle worker After all that ...

After the Break-up

You hold on to the toothbrush For as long as possible, and the comb She left behind with residual tresses Seems precious – a collector’s item Even memory’s space craft And you realize the little things that she brought To the front of the sink or the mirror Every detail of her pajamas and how a dress Perfectly falls ...

A Young Public Speaking Prodigy Graduates as a Lawyer

Horizon Lanka
Gayani Sandamali Koswaththa was a cute little public speaker since she was a kid. The confidence, the style and the verbiage of the 10 year old Gayani used to make public speeches could not be expected even from a high The post A Young Public Speaking Prodigy Graduates as a Lawyer appeared first on Horizon Lanka Foundation.

Short Story: Just Simply Bizarre

Rohitha Perera
A most extraordinary event took place as Ian took the phone off its cradle and began to dial his sister’s number — there was no dial tone. Shaking the receiver because he couldn’t think of anything else to do, a whimper from the dark recesses of the receiver sent a rash of goosebumps from his arm to his back and ...

My Giant.

In the Lost Queen's Eyes
My father was a difficult man to love. But ask anyone who knew him and they’ll tell you he was an equally difficult man to hate. It just wasn’t possible to be angry with him for too long. There was bloody good reason for this. They say to forgive is divine, but from my father I learned that asking for ...

Elephant in the room

Capturing Cupid
You told me that you cared for me But I already knew it to be true Though you never saw just how much My own heart begged for you Your eyes betrayed your secret When they’d alight upon my face And fire at those who came too close Or look away with too much haste Yes, I knew you loved ...

Between the Finite and the Boundless

perturbed slumber
To be the darkness to take the shape of the void to dissolve against infinity silent and cold To expand into an eternity of indifferent non-being To evaporate into nothingness where the vacuum stands still Instead, this soul is a wound torn skin and exposed nerves sore and pulsing Hurting at the faintest pressure bearing a crimson sea underneath stifling ...

Ni & Di Philosophy 18

There is a saying that, good food makes people happy and content…then again, it’s not exactly a saying but, it’s a happy fact…clearly a Ni & Di Philosophy

Short Story: One Fine Day A Bomb Went Off 

Rohitha Perera
Your Mama and I met one cold day in Dublin, and I knew she loved Guinness. So I bought her one. I knew how she wanted to be kissed, and what ticked her off. I also knew she dreamed of having a daughter called Alice. Life was perfect, Alice. Simply because I could predict. Because I could jump forwards and ...

Sri Lanka’s Dugongs Need Protection

Among the wide range of marine mammals that inhabit our waters, is the critically endangered dugong, also known as the sea cow or lady of the sea. The What? A dugong grazing on seagrass. Image credit: nationalgeographic.com/Abdallah Taher The dugong (Dugong dugon) is one of the smaller marine mammals that roam the seas. Dugongs are dun or grey in colour, ...