Why Sri Lankan Men Make Women Uncomfortable

Icarus Wept
If there’s one thing all my female friends have in common, it’s that all of them have been stared at, catcalled, dry-humped and masturbated at.  It’s not that all of them are alluringly sexy (sorry, folks) or go out in leather and heels every day. It happens whether they’re wearing jeans, shirts, skirts, hijabs, flat, sneakers. One of them is a ...

Fed up….

Purple mirror
I don’t know what to do sometimes…. Work life just sucks….. not because of the work but because of certain individuals. Sigh. I have something to be happy about today, but I just can’t seem to enjoy it…..


Notes On Mirrors
C and I celebrate another milestone today – half a decade since we got married. I am excited and also a bit in awe that we made it this far. 5 years later, C still elicits the warm and fuzzies. With his dopey grin and perennially sunny nature, he is a lumbering tower of optimism and complements my comparatively safe ...

A prayer

Notes On Mirrors
To my friend, I hope you are at peace. And that angels took you home. I hope you get to look down on your family and watch your babies grow. But most of all, I wish you the peace of life everlasting and eternal in the father’s hands.

Athletes awarded rare Olympic medal following touching show of sportsmanship

The Papare
The athletes who captured the essence of the Olympic spirit in acts of selfless kindness have been rewarded for their show of sportsmanship. New Zealand’s Nikki Hamblin’s stopped to assist Abbey D’Agostino after the American athlete fell in agony.  Earlier in their 5,000m race, D’Agostino had herself helped Hamblin to her feet after a fall that tripped them both. Nikki Hamblin attempts to help a ...

Tracking Down My (Possible) Ancestry in Kalinga, India by a Motorbike

Isn’t it ironic that within 24 hours of me deciding to travel in Kalinga (present day Odissa) extensively for a month on a motorbike in November this year that this article http://scroll.in/article/814562/are-the-sinhalese-people-descendants-of-bengali-and-odiya-sea-merchants appeared out of the blue? I have a great friend from Kalinga and he will find me a bike, food and lodging throughout my tour. He is ...

Indrajith Cooray betters his Olympic time

The Papare
The veteran marathoner Indrajith Cooray representing Sri Lanka in his second Olympics and the flag bearer of the Sri Lankan Olympic team bowed out from the Olympics placed 34th in the Olympic relay which was concluded yesterday (21st August). Cooray recorded a time of 02 hours 17 minutes and 06 seconds and was the last Sri Lankan to compete at ...

I found another one! 

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I really do miss who I was…. https://cerno.wordpress.com/2011/10/15/happy-belated-blog-birthday-blog-o-versary-to-the-lady/

Unanswered questions 

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Questions and more questions keep swimming through my mind..leaving me sleepless and drowning in doubt… What should I do, I do not know…. Can life ever be simple, I guess I’ll never know… Do I make bad decisions or am I stupid and naive? Do I believe in things that will never be true? Do I know what I really want to do….. I sometimes wonder….

How to engage in broadband policy and regulatory processors

Sixth course of the series of courses funded by Ford Foundation on “How to Engage in Broadband Policy and Regulatory Processors” is currently being held in IIT Delhi. This course is co directed by Dr. Rohan Samarajiva and Dr. P. Vigneswara Ilavarasan. Sessions are conducted by well renowned industry professionals, researchers from think tanks, academics and retired government officials of broadband ...

Best of Rio: Bolt bids farewell with 9 Gold medals

The Papare
Carolina Marin the first non-Asian woman to win Badminton Gold Spanish shuttler Carolina Marin became the first non-Asian woman to win Badminton Singles gold at the Olympics. World Top seed Marin defeated India’s P.V Sindhu in the women’s final and has now added Olympic gold to the impressive World Championship and the European title she holds. It was a gallant ...

The Lessons we failed in 1971

___ Once bitten, twice shy they say, but apparently not for the Sri Lankan Government – no matter who had been at the helm. When the 1971 Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna insurgency erupted, the country had already experienced a-near military coup – not once, but twice. Both times, fortunately, it was nipped before fruition and most […]

Best of Rio | Drama in 4×100; Bolt unstoppable

The Papare
Felix bumped during the 4X100m heat; USA through to final after solo run Drama unfolded in the qualifying heat for the USA 4X100 team as Allyson Felix dropped the baton in the second exchange of the relay knocking them out of the final and denying the team any chance at a medal. Seven time Olympic medalist Allyson Felix was frustrated ...

When people wrote about me…

Purple mirror
It felt good! People wanted to know who I was back then… wanted to read more about my life… and then I just walked away from it completely. While sitting at my desk today, a slow day for a change, I came across some old links where other bloggers wrote about me way back… It’s been years… and I miss ...

Best of Rio| Neymar breaks Olympic record

The Papare
Jamaican Elaine Thompson wins Sprint double REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson Newly crowned women’s 100m champion Elaine Thomson extended her dominance to the Olympic 200m event by securing Gold to becoming the 1st woman to do the prestigious Olympic sprint double since Florence Griffith-Joyner in 1988. Thompson edged out World Champion Dafne Schippers by 0.13 secs and finished the race with a timing ...

Sumedha crashes out in the first round

The Papare
Current national record holder and the first Sri Lankan to qualify for the Men’s Javelin throw event at the Olympic Games, Sumedha Ranasinghe, took the field for his event early this morning. Competing in Group A, Ranasinghe was unable to reach his best performance as he only managed a throw of 71.93m. He was placed 18th in his qualification group ...

Do We Need Private Medical Colleges?

We are an island of paradox. We enjoy free education since 1938. The State provides even the uniform material free to the student. Yet, parents spend a significant portion of their income on private tuition, almost from grade one onwards. That is because exams, instead of serving as a qualifier, acts as an eliminator. Annually, […]

What role does WiFi play in connecting people to the Internet?

In most of the countries we work in, most people connect to the Internet over mobile devices and/or mobile networks. But as WiFi hotspots of various kinds become more common, it appears that WiFi is becoming the dominant mode. The Global State of Mobile Networks study, based on 12.3 billion measurements taken by 822,556 OpenSignal users in an 84 day ...

DifferentYetEqual Press Statement on 15 August 2016 Vigil (English)

Subhas Blog
Diverse people gathered to celebrate differences and demand equality (from the official DifferentYetEqual FB page) The following statement can be found in all three languages on the Different Yet Equal Facebook group page.  DifferentYetEqual: A campaign for equality and democracy Press Statement: 16 August 2016 On the evening of 15 August 2016, we, a group of citizens from diverse backgrounds, ...