This is one of those undeniably brilliant singles by singer.songwriter & performer Senani that broke on Lankan airwaves last week on the YES Home Grown Top 15. You will no doubt here a lot of influence from the man she hold idol, Michael Jackson…check the single out!

Have the best year ahead Rachith Athulmudali (Dj), Stonapathi aka Amila Galappatthi (producer/video man) & Justice Gnanamuttu (Magic Box Mixup.ex Salvage) – team photo credits: Sandun Lakmal (amila), Gayan Sarindu Pathirage (justice) &  TR Photography for Booka Booka (rachith)

Aka TPKR from Forlorn Hope (the first Black Metal band from Kandy), we hope you have a brilliant year ahead and you are missed in the scene – team photo credits: we don’t know the photographer responsible for this click but would love to credit you for your work, get in touch with us thru the contact page and we’ll do the necessary.

The first single for the year by the producer known for his hit single “Beautiful”with his wife Thyaga apart from his hip hop & rap efforts from back in the day. Minimal by the looks of it is his new favorite genre and this is slightly melodic than most minimal singles out there.

This might be a very a pretty ancient interview but is still worth a watch cuz of what BnS have to say about the home music scene back in the day but we have our reservations as we feel its very one sided. Thoughts?

From one of the best poets and writers of Colombo comes this single that makes us go “woah dude, this is impressive much”. Don’t take ur word for it..check it out yourself! Lyrics, Melody and Vocals by Brandon Ingram Music by Ranil Gunewardena and Shamistha De Silva Pic by Deshan Tennekoon

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Dropwizz Just Scored His 2nd Number 1! on The YES Home Grown Top 15 with his Lovetrap remix of “Outside”(Calvin Harris Ft Ellie Goulding)..its been a good week for this 20 year old producer/dj who also saw his remix of Bea Millers “Young Blood” get its release thru Hollywood Records. Dropping out: Eranga Jayawansa – Whole Of My Heart & Sheaam Deen – Beautiful

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