Short Story: A Lie

Rohitha Perera
As Michael descended in a gust of wind with lightning crackling behind him, he looked at the man lying on the ground. Unseen by the people around him, Michael looked helplessly as the mad mob were braying for his blood while the Roman soldiers marched him towards the cross. They drove nails into his hands and feet, and forced a ...

Esala Perahara 13

After about 5 days of Kumbal Perahara, It’s the first Randoli. It also goes on for about 4 days and the Final Randoli is the most famous and obviously the most crowded. The… Continue reading →

Buduruvagala Stone Sculptures

Chuls Bits & Pics
Seven statues sculptured on relief on one gigantic rock in the 9th -10th c A.D. The 51 foot high Buddha is in the centre and is flanked by three smaller statues on either side. Photo ©Chulie de Silva circa 2000. The photos of Buduruvagala (also spelt Buduruwagala) taken nearly two decades ago tumbled out of a shoe box of old ...

Islamism. Catholicism. Buddhism. Terrorist Apologism.

Icarus Wept
In Nice, a man driving a bomb-laden truck killed some 84 people. In the wake of the Nice bomb, many people stoof up and said: “The Nice bomber drank alcohol. He ate pork. He never went to mosque. He was not a Muslim. He was not one of us. Islam is a religion of peace.” This is the same chant that ...

The new E-NIC : Big Brother will watch you

Court Jester
Sri Lanka is to issue E-NIC's soon. The bill has been passed in parliament and is now apparently in the committee stage. The draft has not been published so we don't have full details, but we do know that it is modeled on Pakistan's CNIC scheme.The Sunday Times states that "the detailed data base will include biometrics data, details of ...

Japanese Peace Pagoda – Rumassala

Rumassala in Galle is known as a part of Himlayas brought in and dropped off by Hanuman during the Rama-Ravan war in Sri Lanka. Whether this story is true or not, the model… Continue reading →

Muhammed Ali – A Positive Muslim Role Model Par Excellence

Featured image courtesy Huffington Post ‘People Will Forget What You Did , But People Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel ‘  –Maya Angelou King of the Ring, Muhammed Ali left us to join His Lord. The whole world irrespective of race, colour, geographical location and gender rose up to salute this great man on his finale journey to his ...

Reflections on Ramadan

June 6 marked the beginning of the month of Ramadan, a significant time for Muslims. Groundviews spoke to people about their perceptions and beliefs around this time. View the full story, compiled using Adobe Spark, below:

Vesak 2016, One Like No Other

ankie reniques blog
Today is Vesak Poya (full moon) Day. It is probably the most important festival of the year in the Theravada Buddhist calendar. Buddhists commemorate the three most important events that took place in the life of Lord Buddha on this Vesak Poya Day (always the first full moon in the month of May). First is the day Siddhartha Gautama was born, which took ...

On reading the news

annemari writes
The town crier announces tallest Buddhas in the world and villages named after president-Kings landmarking an island drowning out quiet pleas for peace of mind at home, and a landscape whose pride we all might share in.

Islam is so beautiful, u will not understand !

A friend of mine once told me this,"Islam is so beautiful.. u will not understand ! Take some time and read the authentic books u will understand !"I replied,"..Is it so beautiful that once I become a Muslim I will justify stoning a human being to death ?Is it so beautiful that once I become a Muslim I will try ...

A perspective on faith

Notes On Mirrors
I am not the religious type. I have my faith and it is unwavering, but you wouldn’t see me at mass every sunday evening or find me observing lent with the same zeal that the rest of my family does. In fact, there was an age when I religiously rebelled and didn’t go to church just because I knew it ...

The veil, ‘radicalisation’ and Lankan Muslims

Featured image courtesy The so-called ‘radicalisation’ of the Sri Lankan Muslim community has been the subject of a number of opinion pieces that have appeared in both print and social media platforms in recent times. They come at a time when ‘Islamophobia’ – an unfounded fear of Islam – has reached unparalleled heights, and at a juncture when ...

My Search For Gods

Icarus Wept
I grew up a Buddhist. Or at least, they tried to make me one. Growing up, it was interesting to see how my parents approached religion. My mother was zealous and by-the-book. Truly bad luck was attributed to karma. Poya days were inevitably spent at the temple. Monks were never to be argued with. My father was the complete opposite. Sarcastic and ...

Fr Paul Caspersz: An Interview

Fr Caspersz currently lives in Negombo in the Jesuit Priests’ Retiring Centre. He is a nonagenarian and is partially bed ridden. I frequently visit him as I consider it is my duty and responsibility. I remember I first met him in 2000 when I was an undergraduate in the Peradeniya University. With his invitation to work at Satyodaya I ...

A 2500 year-old Culture that was!

Featured image courtesy AFP The current wave of Sinhala-Buddhist supremacism, and attempts to establish a ‘Sinhala-Buddhist Raj’ in Sri Lanka, if left unchecked will eventually lead to fragmentation of Sri Lanka into separate states of minorities. It may not happen in the immediate future, but it’s a reality staring us in the face. With the military defeat of the ...

Buddhist terrorists strike a court in Sri Lanka

W3Lanka English
Violent monk threatening the judiciaryBuddhist monks are supposed to be peaceful, compassionate and tranquil persons.But a section of Sri Lankan Buddhist monks are completely different.One such section is led by a robed man called Galagod Aththe Gnanasara.He leads an organization called Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) which means to be a force of Buddhist people. Although this organization is not officially ...

Christmas : How a Religious Event Transformed to a Global Event !

I would like to wish merry Christmas for those who celebrating, but this article is not about religious spirit or  peace or whatever people usually  would talk about Christmas. Here I am trying initiate a discussion on  “How Christmas transformed to a Global Event from a religious event. In a popular FB group someone asked “why Christmas become a ...

Prophet Muhammad and his Message

Image via Wikipedia Today marks the death anniversary of Prophet Muhammad. It is an appropriate time to ponder over the man and his message. The edifice of Islam is built upon the basic belief that ‘there is no god save Allah, and Muhammad is His apostle’. It is a statement that is whispered into the ears of every new-born ...

Sobitha Himi: Servant of the Dhamma – Gift to us all

Prologue There was a time when Sobitha Himi did not appeal to the minorities the way he did at the time of his death. Some may still have reservations about some aspects of his past. The recurring challenges of civil governance that brought us together fifteen years ago, however, developed into a close friendship and enabled me to understand, ...