Pin it up, tie it down, knot it up, belt it around because it's a Sarong Party and you and your sarong need to be together - no that's just my rule, not a party rule.

On your mark, get set.... run and walk or one of the other. While I would rather eat a carrot, I know people who would enjoy a run or a walk and this is for the health conscious.

Let's say you're new to Colombo or just new to the unknown world of dingy bars and you've been unfortunate of falling prey to the dingiest mud holes the city has to offer.

Che By Relish is a lounge/restaurant that serves well prepared food, is on the high-end, and has its walls covered with Che Guevera memorabilia.

The Light House Galley opposite Colombo Lighthouse is a courtyard-restaurant run by the Navy - it's a good place for lunch or dinner, although we were impressed mostly by their wattalapam.

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It's no contest. It is no competition against the other. It's all about showing us what you can do and having a good time while at it.

FDO's has a a live band playing Wednesday nights. If you're looking for a place to run away to and a place to chill during the middle of the week.

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