Pettah is Colombo's biggest, most functional market space. It's loud, crowded and infinitely full of interesting and useful things - it's one of those places you either love or you hate.

Semondu is Sri Lankan airlines' attempt at semi-fine dining (yup, that's a word now). They serve up continental fusion cuisine, and for the most part, they do it well.

If you are into dance in the for of freestyle, the department of ballet and hip hop of the Deanna School of Dancing are joining hands to bring an innovative production paying tribute to both art forms on one stage.

Noodles is an exciting new restaurant at Cinnamon Grand that promises the best of Asian noodle cuisine, from Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan and Malaysia - the food is good, the service and ambience flawless, plus it's not too pricey.

Scarlet Room is one of two restaurants hidden away at the unassuming, yet chic Colombo Courtyard. The atmosphere is brilliant. The food though, still needs more work before they can compete with other establishments at the same price point.

When movies you've watched as a kid become Hollywood classics, it is time to sit in a lil corner and... mope because maybe you are silently fossilizing and wouldn't even know it until its too late.

Celebrating the French Spring Festival, The Dining Room at Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo, introduces a French feast. Guest Chef Jean Yves Cuppari from the Terrace Restaurant will be serving up traditional French delights from his home country for this spectacular buffet.

Pin it up, tie it down, knot it up, belt it around because it's a Sarong Party and you and your sarong need to be together - no that's just my rule, not a party rule.

On your mark, get set.... run and walk or one of the other. While I would rather eat a carrot, I know people who would enjoy a run or a walk and this is for the health conscious.

Let's say you're new to Colombo or just new to the unknown world of dingy bars and you've been unfortunate of falling prey to the dingiest mud holes the city has to offer.

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