Dear Family & Friends Best wishes for a fabulous New Year! dD has arrived in Pelawatte after an eventful pilgrimage. Not withstanding the bus ride and realisation of how Sri Lankans do not know about personal space or deodorant. Or for that matter, striking up a conversation with a total stranger in public transport and asking about his most personal details!

Londons Calling The Jew boys from Mill Hill and Elstree The ones who everyone laughed at in school The same ones you now work for The Indian down the high street hires the buxom blonde from Manchester You know he’s going to finger her in the back But he gives you the occasional tenner for a pint and dinner And ignores the skunk weed you hide in his restaurant bin in the back alley

It rained last night. Suddenly got up for the noise of the rain drumming down on the roof. That cold refreshing feeling that only a tropical rain storm brings was immediate, so much that dD found the covering sheet welcome. The past few days of heat, both in body and soul, gave away to this wonderful feeling to the hidden corners of dD’s memory relieving the warmth of the mother womb. The

Just spent a whole Saturday shattered. Pottering around home and pondering. Food and Mugs of Coffee aplenty. Surprisingly no inclination to even perhaps sip a glass of Absolut neat in a tall glass topped with ice. No, not dD. dD was truly just shattered. Sitting in the balcony still pondering dD looks up as dD hears a noise. To see dD’s friend the squirrel had come with company. It

Nice Friday evening with sister. Dinner out for niece’s birthday. Palmyrah hopper and string-hoppers with mutton curry, potato curry, pol smabol, katta sambol and before the best rasam dD has ever tasted. Two in fact as niece didn’t drink hers. Everyone too full for desert. Dramatized by the sms text bro-in-law receives from hospital to operate early next morning. Bill proceeds

The rain has fallen all evening. A gloomy, hot and humid afternoon followed by this wonderful feeling that every thing has been washed and clean again. dD relaxes and watches what is now a familiar sight. A blur of greenery right outside the bedroom door with the steady sound of raindrops gently falling. Pear shaped drops of rain like a precious stone hanging from a necklace. Raindrops like

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'Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to my sunset sky.' Rabindranath Tagore dD hears you loud and clear Rabindranath. Now if only a melove sushi,, opened in Siri Lanka.

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