another new dayI find myself freezing in another airport loungeface against the cold glasswatching the endless lights dancing in the distancethey warm the heart - flickering, fading, flaring up again...I place my wishes for you on them - love, joy, peace, time, space, bliss...somewhere a voice is callingbreaking through the memoriesit's time now to fly away again.

wait until she leaves youwhen you wake up to a life drenched in grief, limbs heavyher scent still on your skinthe coloured-everything-and-then-left ache of her unloving, the absent presence of hereverywhere, every minute, her laughter, her warmthher throaty, brazen whispers wait until you wake up feeling her hands on you and thenremember she is gonethe echoing emptinesswhen the once-abundant waterfall ...

you are a precipiceand I like to live a little too dangerouslyrushing headlongwhen I see the fallshattering ecstasysuch delicious violencecolour me satedwhen blood is drawn

today I am that girl on the trainred notebook, blue penscribbling your namedo you even knowI want to sink my teethinto the side of your palmdo you even know youhold my heart in those hands

born right in time for a violent uprisingshortly before the breakout of a three-decade-long warin a country where no less than seven people die in road accidents every single dayand one natural disasterclaimed almost thirty-one thousand lives in the space of a half-a-morning how is it that death has not claimed you yet?[my love-hate holds you bound tightly tothis earth]

vocal cords paralyzed, woke up soundlessly screamingthroat raw, burning; your ghost shredding my sleep stillyou were only readingin an empty house you used to visit, a house I once lived inand yet I woke upsilently screaming, the sight of you unbearable still

flying somewhere againwhat does it matter whereall these thousands of feetup in the midnight skyyour ghost flies along with mewithout stopping to breatheoutside there is a stormand inside it rages still

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