born right in time for a violent uprisingshortly before the breakout of a three-decade-long warin a country where no less than seven people die in road accidents every single dayand one natural disasterclaimed almost thirty-one thousand lives in the space of a half-a-morning how is it that death has not claimed you yet?[my love-hate holds you bound tightly tothis earth]

vocal cords paralyzed, woke up soundlessly screamingthroat raw, burning; your ghost shredding my sleep stillyou were only readingin an empty house you used to visit, a house I once lived inand yet I woke upsilently screaming, the sight of you unbearable still

flying somewhere againwhat does it matter whereall these thousands of feetup in the midnight skyyour ghost flies along with mewithout stopping to breatheoutside there is a stormand inside it rages still

just when I thinkit gets betterclothes throw me –this top,wine red, pinstriped,brings to mind howit made youwant to turn back,take it off me,take the day back –make it oursI don’t want to seewhat you once saw –andno longer desire

My heart was lost completely in that magical moment when you turned and looked at me for the very first time and whispered ‘beautiful,’ your dark deep eyes filled with everything I’ve ever wanted. We were at our highest then. After that it was only fall.

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