My timely return to the motherland enables me to join the collective flailing of hands in person. We are a multicultural society we moan; Buddhism is a peaceful religion, we plead; Sri Lanka could be a harmonious land, we beg. It is quite the dramatic outpouring of dismay. No one seems to know quite what to do about it though. Rally? Haven't had one yet, I think there is one during the Avurudhu

So I have 12,000 words to complete in the next week. So far my method has been: 1) Write up study plan 2) Adjust study plan to account for day spent sleeping and catching up on new episodes of all TV series  ever aired (Anyone remember The Pretender?)  3) Repeat steps 1&2 multiple times 4) Write some words 5) Start from step 1 Apparently it is not unusual to write entire theses in a couple

I am a procrasti-anythinger. Why limit onself to being a procrasti-cleaner or procrasti-baker? I will grab at anything - tree branches, thin air - to avoid doing the work I need to do. HOWEVER, desperate times call for painful, wretched measures. Namely, waking up early in the morning. (Groan) And then, instead of turning to e mail/ blogs and facebook for sweet relief from the reality hangover,

The cray cray anti-Islam video does not surprise me. There are 6.973 billion people on the planet, multitudes get onto the internet every day and the only restrictions on the bullshit they add to the world wide web is their upload limit as per their internet contract. This article by William Saletan is the best response I've come across so far, its matter of fact and doesn't waste time blaming

The biggest life shift this year has been finding, setting up and residing in a share house. It's a freaking awesome homey, hippie house but it did require quite a bit of blood, sweat and tears to set up. The rental market is BRUTAL, especially if you're a student with a stopgap casual job. Noone seems to care that its a superfun job. Several Saturdays vanished in a haze of tottering between

So its winter, and I'm up at the snow for a week of super intense writing with a dash of skiing thrown in. Unfortunately for my essays/ thesis the weather has been stunning, the ski slopes that I can see from my bedroom window look so smooth and fun. Oh dear. The Boy organises this trip every year for his skiing friends and this is the first year I've come up. It's been pretty freaking

I really do love this blog. Having spent a hell of lot of time procrastinating on it crafting it with just the right shade of orange, which beautificiously [Beautiful + delicious. Anyone scrunching their noses right now go watch Stephen Fry's rant. Booyah!] complements that particular shade of green.... Ok so I'm a uni student its not like I attend class or anything. So anyway multiple years

Heh. So I haven't posted in several years and the spammers have been trying to squat on it presumably with intention of getting their clammy paws on it but its mine, MINE g'damit! This tiny little piece of the websphere with my favourite colours recording some of my favourite rants. Chances are no one reads it anymore but whatevs :D Anyway, I have the writing bug again! I suspect it bit me

You know what I don't get about unrequited 'like'? How could a connection possibly be only one way? You make me laugh, you make me think, you make me feel completely alive and annoyed and challenged and beautiful all at the same time. G'darn you. I didn't WANT to feel like this. IRRITATING, thats what you and your puppy eyes are. *breathe* How could it possibly be one way? It just doesn't make

I'm not old enough to be a 20 something! It's all a traumatising mistake, I was in the wrong line somewhere, lost in my own little fuzzy world and the title of 'adult' was bestowed upon me while I daydreamed about all the wonderful things I would be when I grow up. Still dreaming, still a little girl wondering what all these strange things such as tax returns and lab reports are doing in my

So,Sat down to write this essay which is overdue by more days than I want to count, I realised some useful facts. (a) Facebook stalker skills can, to a certain extent be used for proper research. No, really its not just justification, its that honing in on a target thing.(b) There is always some marvelous chappie who, several decades previously, spent time amalgamating research into a single

I'm not the crying sort, find it rather unhelpful and pointless in most situations. This book had tears streaming down till 3am. Simple, straightforward language expressing emotions raw like skin scraping against rough concrete. The certainty based on rationality with which I approach life in general was given a severe shaking, casually churned over a few times and tossed back onto the floor.

I'm not unhappy very often. About a year ago that statement would have been quite different, sadness was often overwhelming for about a year. Looking back, I'd say it was entirely about coping skills. This time last year I'd stay in bed for a week, today I wore a pretty dress and pigtails and after an hour of meeting happy people and laughing with them, the world is my personal, pearl filled

"Some people, its a pity,They go all their lives and never know,How to love or let love go" - Rob Thomas, Streetcorner SymphonyThat knowing when to let go stuff, it gets so complicated. When is something broken enough to leave before it is so completely shattered that it leaves little shards of itself embeded in you forever? 

So during one of my Psyc labs this week, we had to fill out yet another tedious questionnaire about the meaning of life. Anyway, while trying to choose a number to represent how I felt about my search for meaning, it dawned on me that I'm no longer particularly fussed about having a purpose/ some driving force/ greater meaning to my life. I used to be quite horribly tormented by it, i.e. it would

Poor blog.*pat pat*It really is a bit like having a child and then ignoring it, however ridiculous it might be to allow a little particle of cyber space to make one feel guilty.

Walked into my room today and between sneezes realised how long overdue it is for a throw everything out day.. Groan. I am a minimalist, honestly, just easily distracted especially by brightly coloured things. Its just amazing the amount, shapes and sizes of completely unnecessary things that manage to accumulate over just a few months. Especially when exams require retail therapy. So yes, three

"It don't matter to me'Cos all I wanted to beIs a million miles from hereSomewhere more familiarOh my god I can't believe itI've never been this far away from home"Catchy, non-whiny song. Positively boppy to be honest, always liked it, even now when its taken on an entirely new meaning. Post exam blues settled in after the initial euphoria of ...

Southern trees bear strange fruit,Blood on the leaves and blood at the root,Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze,Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.Pastoral scene of the gallant south,The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth,Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh,Then the sudden smell of burning flesh.Here is fruit for the crows to pluck,For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck,

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