I was channel hopping the other day and bumped into some weird bizarre reality shows. I mean if we were to show these or rather copy them and create local versions it would be beyond hilarious. First off the one … Continue reading →

Here’s something that was shared with me a couple of days back. The following link is a compilation of security camera footage from around the world. It’s aim is to show that the world ain’t that bad – and there … Continue reading →

The big bright moon Appears and disappears among the trees The shimmery waters beneath With ripples caused by the mild cold wind Silhouettes of couples in their embrace Seated on the luscious green grass This is the picturesque scenery one … Continue reading →

So it’s exactly 18 more days to d-day. Eighteen. Everyone will be dead after. I never thought that it’ll boil down to one single day that the world will end. Sadly so it seems like that way. So what is … Continue reading →

Ever had a horribly boring day at work? It’s incredibly boring to be here at work today. Coincidentally it happens to be a Monday and I couldn’t sleep so well the night before for mysterious reasons – I think I … Continue reading →

“We are all going to die soon”, that’s what he said. A sudden anxiety started to creep in. I’ve always contemplated about death but the anxiety was something to do with his morbid tone or the absolute certainty in his … Continue reading →

Got out of the house this morning and I swear I felt that feeling. That cool breeze you feel against your skin. That feeling you get in December that brings about an awakening that the Christmas holidays are just around … Continue reading →

I had a well planned out day on how I would spend today’s poya holiday. Go help out at the Elder’s home during the morning half while he is at work and then probably go out for a nice lunch … Continue reading →

Ok, so to be absolutely truthful I am feeling like a fat load of crap right now. I have a bloated stomach, my eyes sting and I discovered a strand of grey hair yesterday and I can’t keep wondering about … Continue reading →

My first preparation for Christmas…… Just 3 months away from Christmas, I had this long list of thing that I needed to get done just in time for the season. Planned on starting off early so that I could even … Continue reading →

Unlike other people I usually don’t remember most of my dreams. But this one is special. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Timing of the dream cannot be more perfect. I’m sitting on a plane looking out the window. … Continue reading →

As I’ve mentioned in a few of my previous posts I tend to have vivid meaningless dreams. Most of them are random nonsense and sometimes scary ones as well. But as of late I’ve encountered some incidents where events from … Continue reading →

Moving is hard. Major problem is bits and pieces you acquire over the years have to be now packed. Things that you thought never existed. Things that you have no memory of buying in the first place. Things that you … Continue reading →

I think I’m starting to show coffee withdrawal symptoms. I miss having quality cup of coffee in the morning. Here, if you need to have decent coffee it’ll cost you about 500 bucks. While I can spend $4 – $5 … Continue reading →

Today was one of those days where your tiredness takes over your hunger and you just cannot be bothered with shoving food into your tummy. Hence we decided that we would just let dinner pass. But somehow I was quite … Continue reading →

I’m not a hospital person. I try to avoid hospitals on all accounts. I like to stick to home remedies when it comes to ailments, and so far it’s been alright. Also the waiting in hospitals is another bummer. Another … Continue reading →

So now I know what it literally means when people use the phrase ‘pain in the neck’. Apart from the fact that the pain restricts your movements it is also a very annoying feeling. And you can absolutely do nothing … Continue reading →

I’m back after doing a killer cardio routine. I honestly thought that I would literally drop dead after like a 3 minute killer cardio routine. Clearly I’m not strong in the cardio department, apparently. It felt like my heart just … Continue reading →

Having watched Casino Royale I had high expectations for Skyfall so I was pretty psyched about watching it today. I love espionage movies and I went thinking that I was going to sit back and enjoy the action. I didn’t … Continue reading →

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