Now only did I realize that one of my childhood specials had been played by Robin Williams. Hence this short post to bid him farewell. It was the movie Mrs. Doubtfire which I really loved back in the days, but never got the chance to research afterwards. Suddenly going through his filmography only did I realize … Continue reading →

I’ve never posted a movie review before and this would be the first of many. I was fortunate enough to be invited to watch the pre-release today and here goes my two pence on it. Director & Producer – Nilendra Deshapriya Co-Producers/Directors – Nathasha Dream, H.D. Premasiri, Sunil T Fernando Cast – Kumara Thirimadura, Sarath … Continue reading →

Thought of sharing Jayashika’s post on Rukshan for the simple reason of him being one of the mot humble guys as I’ve been told by many. Haven’t had the luxury of meeting this human being, but I pray for him with all my heart for a speedy recovery, and hope that it isn’t too late … Continue reading →

First of all congratz to Isipathana on their victory over Kingswood, which was held at Havelocks yesterday the 22nd of June 2014. Back to business.. Whatever said or done, what all of us Sri Lankans should realize is, the fact that our Muslim crowd isn’t anything like the Jihadists in Afghanisthan or Pakistan. Ours don’t … Continue reading →

There came a new year. Independence Day’s long gone. Avurudu too came and went. Vesak’s over, even though the traffic jam remains. And here I am with a promotion in my job, and a new temporary residence. But the fact remains that we’re all in queue to the gates of Hell, with every passing day. … Continue reading →

This is probably going to be the last entry of mine for the year 2013. Looking back at the past 11 months, it surely has been filled with such drama for me personally and so much has happened in terms as a nation for us Sri Lankans too. Time for sure flies and it has … Continue reading →

First of all, it was an act people..wake up.. If it’s certainly acceptable to the general public when politicians like Mervin Silva and Wimal Weerawansha run havoc and still be on the good side of the majority of idiots who voted them to the parliament, this is nothing compared to that. I say, that the … Continue reading →

This whole season we have witnessed nothing but wreckless intentions on all parties involved in the sport. From the SLRFU to  it’s referees, players and even the principals of these prestigious schools have all played havoc through out and it was the same with the last game that Kandy witnessed in this school season in … Continue reading →

Haven’t I brought up the matter of Sri Lanka being always put down in front of India? Well, this happened repeatedly as I’ve pointed out and the latest scheme was to play a Hindi song while they were parading the Sri Lankan flag out on the open at the opening ceremony of the ICC Champions … Continue reading →

Being employed far away from home, I was simply wondering as to what would happen if I couldn’t afford to pay my utility bills. I can’t certainly live without a Ceiling Fan at my temporary residence, my laptop, mobile phone, lighting, ironing and the hot water kettle. Though someone who knows me could merely brush … Continue reading →

To say that you were an idol to many is absolutely true, I believe. For those who suffered from long term illnesses or who needed a boost up in their ordinary day to day life, you provided more than enough inspiration. Where there was a time when even I was put down to the depths … Continue reading →

He was the voice of Sri Lankan Cricket..The voice which brought pride to an entire nation..He made Sana a true entertainer of Cricket (What a shame! that we call names after him these days) In a time where we were the underdogs of Cricket, his voice lifted up the spirits of the entire team and brought … Continue reading →

This is one of the topics that I hate to talk about simply because even I’ve a lot of Muslim friends who I closely associate with.. However, none of them seemed to act violently at any point during which I was with them throughout my good old years. The problem I assume is to be … Continue reading →

It is with great pride that we should mention Mr. Malaka Silva and his father Mervyn Silva’s names as they’ve been such an inspiration for us Sri Lankans since the Rajapakse family came to power. It has been awhile since the latest incident against innocent Malaka Silva spread like wildfire and I wanted to clarify … Continue reading →

Dear All, I’m writing this with a heavy heart, for one of the nicest people that I knew fell ill due to a merciless disease. As we speak, 26 year old Anushka Vishwanath is undergoing treatment for a severe case of Leukemia in Singapore. Two days after diagnosing the illness which suddenly appeared as a … Continue reading →

Needless to say, I had goosebumps after hearing this news. According to a report of Missile Threat, India’s Agni Missile system (Long Range) is said to be targeted at Sri Lanka and that too at strategic locations like Colombo & Hambantota Ports, Katunayake & Ratmalana Airports, Army Headquarters and the Putlam & Kerawalapitiya Power Plants. … Continue reading →

I saw one this morning. Off the coast of Moratuwa/Angulana, was a sight I’ve never seen in my life. Unfortunately the moving train didn’t allow me to take a good shot of the ship. It seemed to be a cargo transporter even though the deck was very much empty. Close to half was under the … Continue reading →

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