You were a big brother to me..A friend..A mentor. I can’t believe what I heard just awhile ago. Sleep evades me tonight after the shocking news of your sudden demise. The strength and power of your own physique could not help you today when you needed it the most, even though you so generously helped … Continue reading →

This post somewhat relates to an article written last year. Hence the sequel. So much has changed over the first quarter of 2016, both personally and in a global sense. Do we change ourselves according to prevailing times, or do  we remain rock solid? This is a question which has troubled me ever since hitting … Continue reading →

I’m pretty sure that some of you might have come across this incident during the past couple of days. Such disturbing news which wouldn’t fail to go unnoticed by most of you. Maybe you decided to take matters into your own hand and share the news among your friends and colleagues, or even call some … Continue reading →

Happy 68th Independence Day to all of you Sri Lankans, living here and abroad !! The morning festivities which ended a few minutes ago (before 11.30am local time), was in fact very simple and humble, to summarize a long chapter. There was absolutely no drag, and for the second consecutive time I saw people turn … Continue reading →

In most of my earlier posts, I’ve pointed out how Indians have benefited from our small country. Whether it is banning Sri Lankan exports to India, or just handing over the Cricket World Cup, our higher ups have always said YES while we blew up our lungs. From ILFTA (Indo-Lanka Free Trade Agreement), sprang CEPA … Continue reading →

First and foremost, this is just my opinion and you may have different views on the matter. Comments are opened to everyone. Q. Is Enrique such a big deal? A. Well, maybe yes. Q. Why? A. Catchy tunes. Number of hit songs which remained frozen on top charts. Q. Would you pay Rs.35K to go … Continue reading →

So, it got me thinking. What if all of the above, or even some of it was true. Does time travel exist? A few questions to be answered. Backwards? Forward? Or both? Given that I choose to travel within my current life span, would I grow young/old accordingly? Would I actually become the person I … Continue reading →

Since of late, there have been lots of posts on helping out people, who are desperately in need of monetary assistance. It is surprising, and at the same time shocking, to be hearing that most of these cases have been about the young crowd. Only a few are lucky enough to get a cyber spot … Continue reading →

It is with a sad heart that I read my dearest friend’s plea for help, and I only hope that the kind hearted people out there would do what’s necessary. Wish you a speedy recovery, brother! This note is extracted from St. Anthony’s College, Batch of 2006’s Facebook page. ———————————————————————————————

We mourn New Zealand Rugby legend, Jonah Lomu’s sudden demise. Being one of the true superstars of Rugby, a first too on many aspects, it’d be hard for those who looked up to him, for moral support and guidance, as this one of a kind legend is no more. R.I.P. Jonah Lomu! Lomu’s Profile, extracted … Continue reading →

Did you know that it was called ‘WTF’ by the Astro lot when not addressed in technical terms? Now when you come to think of it, makes real good sense yeah? After all the trouble the locals had to face, with the No Entry Zone and the Fishing Ban imposed by the Sri Lankan government, … Continue reading →

It is just sad to be reading and watching various sources report the scenes from Paris of the coordinated attacks which took place inside the Bataclan Theatre, where the Eagles of Death Metal were performing and a few other places where people were hanging around on a busy Friday night. Even though the band members … Continue reading →

A friend of mine had tagged me to this page and it’s for a good cause. I assure you that it’s not a scam, but a 100% genuine request made by the poor soul. Go ahead. You can make a difference. Click here to make a small donation I just started a walk. A walk … Continue reading →

It’s that time where we say goodbye to our nation’s beloved sport, Cricket. We’ve certainly seen a lot, which I do not want to mention in detail. The heights that we’ve reached as a Cricketing nation are, to say the least, extreme. From underdogs to world renown champs, we’ve seen ’em all. There were a … Continue reading →

So, same sex marriages were allowed in all 50 states in the US. Big deal for them, and I agree. People in the US have been openly demonstrating their sexual freedom and fighting their rights for decades now. Not just in the US, but mostly the West Coast of the world map. I’m happy for … Continue reading →

I recently got the chance to meet some of my very first friends from school. Since it is the time where timelines are flooded with baby pictures and the life cycle of how one became a man or a woman, I thought it was appropriate that I too met with some of my oldest buddies. … Continue reading →

Thought of sharing this article from Cricket Monthly with those of you who loved this man of Sri Lankan Cricket. Written by the legend Martin Crowe, the guy who introduced opening spin to International Cricket, this is what he has to say about the mighty Arjuna. Truth be known, I love to hate the Australians … Continue reading →

Probably and definitely, one of the highest grossing films released in 2015, with a tribute to Paul Walker. A must watch for 2015, mostly due to the fact that it’s Paul’s last appearance. One gotta realize how much mad love they have for Walker towards the latter part of the movie. No reviews needed as … Continue reading →

Wish you all a new Maithri era first of all !! A time where corruption, family ruling and Ethanol is battled by good governance. A time for us to get together in good faith to make a better Sri Lanka. A stable government, and a peaceful country moving forward with a balanced economy and steady … Continue reading →

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