Studio K school of Art and Crafts will be having an exhibition. Over 2000 works of art will be displayed at the exhibition, done by over 30 students of Studio K. The artwork will consist of drawings and paintings of different art mediums.

Lester Perera presents his exhibition Wild In Ruin - a wildlife art exhibition. The exhibition will be at the Harold Peiris Gallery.

DJ Lil Guru spins off music at Kama Colombo. Wednesday night. Fifity percent off 50% off anything pink and the ladies get to enjoy free champagne all night long.

A dance workshop which will teach the art of dancing. Will include a variety of dancing styles such as Latin American, Jive & Ballroom dancing conducted by Mrs. Shiromi Perera.

Thorana lounge is Hilton's coffee place and hang out area. They've got a good spot by the pond where you can watch the ducks waddle around. Their food is expensive and the drinks were pretty average.

Do you remember that guy who sang Ragamuffin Girl, Boom-shack-alak, Chok There, Arranged Marriage? Steven Kapur better known as Apache Indian made a couple of hits way back in the nineties with his fusion of Asian, West Indian and English cultural elements.

Showing today at the American Center. Lincoln as the name says is a drama about the 16th President's tumultuous final months in office. It's about war and times of change and taking decisions.

Garden Cafe is an awesome little tea lounge hiding behind a Noritake store in Duplication Road. They serve neat tall glasses of chilled tea, not to mention smoothies and brownies, and the prices are low.

Weekends are for lazing at home, strolling through the park, reading those books you have been meaning to read. Doing your movie marathon flicks. But numero uno - get out

Colombo's Public Library is pretty old and has a huge collection of books, in all three languages too. It's not one of the most inviting places in Colombo to read at, but it opens out to Viharamahadevi park where you can maybe take your library book and set up camp.

Chinese Juchunyuan is a little petti kade semi-authentic restaurant in a corner of Duplication Road that serves hot pot Chinese. The place isn't much for ambience, the food isn't for everybody, but at least it's an accessible place if you want to cook your own Chinese.

Would you like some rock music with your brunch? Maelstrom takes place this weekend. Check out the schedule and click the link to check out who they are:

It's a party at the Park Street Mews with Jeff Fuchs when he ends his 10 day tea tour. Jeff Fuchs is a Canadian award-winning explorer, author and tea purveyor. Jeff Fuchs is also the author a book called The Ancient Tea Horse Road - a novel that documents his travels on an eight month journey through one the world's great trade routes.

Stuff to do on a Thursday after work. It's almost the weekend. One more day to go. If you are looking to lay your weary self down and just unwind tonight - there is Clique. Tonight the Slipping Chairs are playing live and there's an offer for 10% off on drinks and platters.

Rock Saturday is back the second time around this weekend. This Rock Saturday promises to be better with dance acts and great giveaways. If you're a Christian who likes rock, join the rest of us who like our music that way.

Kebabish is a new street side restaurant in Dehiwala that offers South Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. They maybe a small place but their big on taste.

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