Chatham is a luxury watch boutique that offers some of the most prestigious watch brands in the world including Omega, IWC and Jaeger-LeCoultre. With a great selection and highly knowledgeable employees, this place epitomizes class.

Mondy is a popular shop for quality Women's office wear. They also do a pretty decent collection of shoes and accessories.

Timeless Sinhala and Tamil classic music will be presented by Soul Sounds with veterans of the Sri Lankan music industry including Pandit Amaradeva, Nimal Mendis and Ravibandu Vidyapathi.

It's the weekend wrap. If you have nothing planned this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we have a few things going on around Colombo that might interest you.14th Friday November Movingo It's a movie,

If you are looking for a place to go to take a chill pill Thursday. Drop in at Playtrix Sports Bar and Cafe. Jazztrix presents jazz this evening.En Route will be playing your favourite jazz tunes.

I love books. The musty smell of pages, the texture of it under your finger tips, the sound it makes when you flip through the pages. I enjoy my books even before I can plonk myself down to read.

It's a celebration of everything creative put together by them creative folk down at the Academy of Design. They will be having a design carnival with graffitti, music, dance, fun and food wrapped around a design exhibition.

Peking Palace in Nawala serves up some decent Sri Lankanized Chinese cuisine. It won't blow your mind, but they've got their merits and a pretty accessible location. The FoodThe Chinese restaurant

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