If you're ever in Bentota, we highly recommend Eatalian. It's part of a chain of Italian restaurants (branches in Genoa, Milan, Caserta and Prague) and they serve up the same excellent menu here. From presentation to taste to ambience, it's world class. Also expensive, but we think it's well worth.

The Sweet Tooth or TST, is a small home baker that specializes in jars full of baked goods. We tried a bunch of different jars (along with some other stuff) and they were all pretty great.

The YAMU office is a big A/Ced room full of reasonably nice, kind of weird people. The food appears almost once a week and the ambience is interesting.

This weekend we have a couple of things going on at Karamu. Stuff to do over the weekend, starting today. If you haven't made plans yet take a peek here.24th

Crepeology is a well designed restaurant in Galle Fort that does nice savory and sweet crepes, plus sheesha. The Food The chicken curry crepeUltimately, who doesn't like crepes. The French version

Do you like watching people beat each other up? Want to watch a bunch of folk punch, kick, and knock down people, in a rink? The Colombo Fight Club has

Kaymu.lk is an online store that sells everything from electronics, to shoes, to jewellery. Be wary, it's full of fake branded products.

This Friday will you beer pong or not beer pong? Fridays. Colombo City Hostel is hosting the Beer Pong Tournament at the Playtrix Sports Bar and Cafe.

October/November is the intermonsoon season, so you get grey skies, but when it clears up the sunsets are remarkable. By our second day the sky was being a total attention-ho, so we

Right. In keeping with the spookiest night of the year, the people at Colombo City Hostel are hosting the Bloody Pub Crawl. Dress up as your favourite TV or movie

4 Seasons isn't just an international luxury hotel - it's also the name of a podi novelty shop down Lewis Place in Negombo. It's like the others so this review

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