This week, Kaema Dasa checked out Cosy Restaurant on Station Road, Wellawatte, and is still recovering from the experience. It is hard to say if he will ever recover completely. He has only penned this to forewarn, and save others from enduring a similar ordeal. Ambience (4.0) This aspect is probably the only thing that’s [...]

This turned up in the mail the other day, Much thanks for the input. “We had been to several restaurants recently. I observed that  ”service tax” has been mis-used and charged to the customers like you and me. Let me give an example. Food and Beverage =            Rs. 1000.00 Service [...]

Several years back Domino’s was forced out of the Pizza market in Colombo due to its rather lackluster service and quality. Yet, throughout the last years it managed to cling onto dear life, and it seems that it is gaining momentum back to the center of gravity these days. Word is spreading that Domino’s Pizza [...]

The Nation 25/11/12 A relatively recent entry into the Colombo restaurant scene is ‘Spice Coast’ located on Marine Drive, just past the Bambalapitya Flats. Spice Coast is just one of several restaurants that have taken root along the Marine Drive … Continue reading →

5star hotel food handlers contract HIV In a dramatic turn of events concerning leading five-star hotels located in the city and immediate adjacent areas, the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) which conducted raids had uncovered that several food handlers have contracted infectious diseases like … Continue reading →

Salaka Senkada is a franchise that’s been around for quite a long time. Over the years they have grown to several outlets around Colombo, with their main branch at Union Place. Their food is economical in price, but the quality … Continue reading →

written for The Nation It’s rare to come across a restaurant by the beach that’s the only restaurant on that beach. It’s even rarer that many people aren’t aware of it, except for privileged few, given the pristine atmosphere that … Continue reading →

Written for The Nation The Commons Coffee House, located on Flower Road, Colombo 7, has been the haunt of school-going teenagers, just after school teenagers, and the occasional Suddha, for many years. Since quite a few well noted schools (national … Continue reading →

As yet another Ramadan comes to conclusion, I’d like to wish all the Muslim readers Eid Mubarak! May it be filled with many a Watalappan!

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