I went on a hike in the weekend. The destination: Bible Rock a.ka. Bathalegala situated in Kegalle district. It was wet and a perfect example of what a “slippery slope” is. It should have been a moderately difficult climb. But it turned out to be hard core, thanks to the elements. Some of our crew […]

I tried to be a racist. I am a Sinhalese.  My parents are Sinhalese and all 3 of us are born and raised in Sri Lanka and my mother tongue is Sinhala which I think is enough proof that I’m a pure Sinhalese. FYI, yes, we are all Buddhists. With that confirmation of my racial [...]

Barack Obama has won the 2012 US presidential elections.  The early results shows he has won the elections despite the the 2 candidates were entangled in a brutal and close fight. Obama has already thanked his supporters via twitter saying, “We’re all in this together. That’s how we campaigned, and that’s who we are. Thank you. -bo” [...]

I’m back. Not only I’m back, I’m back with a tattoo, the first ever for me. This was one of my all time fantasies and I guess most of the Sri Lankan men in my generation secretly wants to have a tattoo. I know the generation after mine has no prejudices or second thoughts about [...]

Finally, I’ve finished my app on kodeincloude and got published on Etisalat App Zone. TextFree, the app name, is an app which anyone can send unlimited number of SMSes per day for just Rs.1. The Rs.1 is NOT per SMS but for the whole day. I’m sure this is good news for young people. Unfortunately [...]

President Obama has done in it in public. It was a real crowd pleaser and publically acknowledging their bond. Now, has anyone seen President Rajapakse and our first lady doing that? I don’t think anyone had seen them even holding hands let alone smooching. Can our first couple really show intimacy or affection in public [...]

Ok this is certainly NEWS and makes my blog (errr… website) a “news website”. Today, I went to my local council (UC) to get a bag of compost. I must praise their effort to do something for the environment which is converting trash in their dump into compost. But can you believe I had to [...]

I have a big problem. I just started this blog and before I could put 3 posts here, there was this bombshell of registration of every “news website”. Getting registered is one thing. But the fee of Rs.100,000 is absurd. Now, do I need to be worried? I have this crappy blog which I don’t [...]

Sri Lankan queues are very interesting based on who gets the priority. The uncontested champions are the clergy and they go straight to the number one in the line. Then comes the equally important pregnant ladies and I guess they enjoy a privileged life during the 9 months of their pregnancy when it comes to [...]

Here we go again! I can’t believe it happened to me again. I couldn’t resist the urge to buy a helicopter. Not a real one, an RC (Remote/Radio Controlled) one. On-the-other-hand this was waiting to happen. I always had this idea of buying an RC helicopter at the back of my mind after a nasty [...]

To the Colombians any place 50kms away from Colombo is jungle except for Kandy and Nuwar Eliya and few other towns. My town eventually is situated between Colombo and Kandy and yet Colombians tend to ignore or at least they pretend to be unfamiliar with the place. Well, who could blame them. They probably would [...]

It has been debated every where in Sri Lanka that ethnic communities can’t coexist. Well I beg to differ. It was yesterday (a Friday) that I had a call from a friend of mine to go for a beer on my way home. Since I had nothing important to do, I agreed. The place was [...]

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