Notifications just got a boost! If you’ve been tuning in to Hot Off the Press, you’ll know about recent updates to the interface along with some fantastic technical upgrades. To continue the momentum, we’ve introduced more interactive and robust notifications throughout (Coming soon to a Jetpack blog near you.) Keep an eye on the new interface and let us know what you think! Why ...

After a long hiatus I have decided to post something on my blog again. Rejoice my loyal underlings readers!! The last time I posted something on my blog was an year and a half ago. A few things have changed around here since then. I got job. Just a week after my last blog post [...]

I highly doubt anyone reading this post would need to be introduced what Twitter is. Almost everyone has a twitter account these days though some people never use it. Anyways, this post is for the regular twitter users. Part of the Twittering experience is using various twitter applications. I don’t exactly mean twitter clients here. [...]

You’ve all heard of Moore’s law haven’t you? You haven’t?? Really???… Well I’m going to tell you anyway. Moore’s law states that the number of transistors that could be squashed onto one single chipset doubles every two years or so. So that means our computers are getting twice as fast every two years. That is [...]

Ok… Quick note people. Warning!! Extremely geeky. Don’t bother reading if you aren’t !!! Thanks to Thameera for this tip. Then after a bit of searching I fount this. Thanks to him too. Ok. This is twittering via the terminal for Linux. First things first. You need curl for this. Install curl with the following [...]

Hello again… This I should have written a couple of weeks back when the news in here was actually new. But as I’m a lazy ass I didn’t write it. And I should really write this as sevaral posts but as I’m a lazy ass I’m writing this all in one post Well where to [...]

Hello guys… Ok… This was sudden… I didn’t even intend to write a blog post today. But once more I have tried another browser and decided to write about it. (Yeah. I like browsers. It’s the most used application on my PC..) Well. I had installed the Chromium developer build on Ubuntu a couple of [...]

Hmmm… Long time since the last blog post. I was so up to my neck in work and other stuff I didn’t have the time to write one. Didn’t have anything to write about anyway. But today I’m writing a rant just because I’m in the mood to … Anyways as some of my twitter [...]

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