MY father ,s name is  sarath. MY father is verry biutiful.MY father like to rice and carries. he is very kind. I love my father so much.

My village  is    beruwewela.It   is  a  beautiful  village.  My  village  is  big.It  is  clean.My   village  is  green.cinnamon,coconut,rubber  and  paddy  grow  wellin  my village .Many  people  in my  village  are  farmers,carpenters,masons  and  laborers.

My mother,s name is Malani. My mother  is a good house wife. My mother is   very   beutiful.  My mother likes to rice and carries. she is very  kind.                      my  mother  has   beutiful  sarrees.   I  love   my  mother  so         much.

I am piyumi .I am ten years old .My school is methodist central college.I am in grade six. I have one brother and three sisters. I am like ice cream.I like dancing. my mothers name is  malanee. my fathers  name is sarath.

I’m Piyumi Sewwandi. My village is Beruwela. My father is a businessman. My mother is a good house wife. I have three sisters and one brother. My school is Methodist Central College Hakmana.Its web site is  I’m in Grade 6C. My favourite subject is English. I learn ICT form hakmana evillage. It’s web site is I want to ...

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