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I had another interview today. Actually it was the 2nd interview. I got a callback. woohoo! *waves a tiny flag whilst rolling eyes* The first interview was awesome. The 2nd interview? Sucked donkey balls. I crashed and burned. SO. GOOD. So good, in fact, that now? all I want to do is wear my jammies, [...]

…but his teachings – though insanely simple, and easy to grasp - are kinda hard to practice. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it. But what doesn’t make sense to me - is how someone can walk in to your life, turn it upside down, rip it apart, and make you crazy, and then walk out of [...]

The man I was/am in love with seems to only be happy once he’s ruined someones life completely , and then moved on to the next unassuming victim. (It’s been known to happen.) *** On a somewhat (un?)related note : Sorreh. it’s been a long day, and I needed the cheap lulz. sue me.

I have a question. Are you less scared the second time you get raped? Or the third? See. When you were little they told you not to use the word rape, and molestation lightly. So you didn’t. And the truth is, you didn’t even really know what those were. But as you got older that [...]

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