Environment issues become major problem in our country.So we decided to start a society to save the environment.That is why we are here today like this. The environment is the surrounding around us.It is a git of nature.Water,ari,trees,animals and land are the parts of the environment. Today environment pollution has become a major problem.Peopie [...]

           Ananda Samarakoon was a well know musician.Hestudies music and painting in the Shanthiniketana in India.He was very much influence by the poems and music of Country.Sinhala language.He colleted the flok song s of Sri lanka.He has also written immortal lyrics that are popular from generaction togenaretion.He is well known as the composition of the [...]

                T.B.Jaya was born in Galagedara on 1st january 1890.After his primary education on his family moved to colombo and he was admitted to St.thomas clloege,Mt.lavia for his secondary Education.After passing the london Matriculation Examination he become a teacher.While begin a teacher,he passed the London B.A Exmination.               T.B.Jaya began his teaching career at [...] ...

   Sri Lanka has been famouse for gemstones from the earliest times. It is an important export trade today. Many areas in the Sabaragamuwa province are well known for gems. Ratnapura means the City of Gems. It has gem museums displaying the wide range of gems, availabloe in the country.    The Blue Sapphire is [...]

       My home is in Hakmana, it has two floors. My home has six rooms and a beautiful garden. It is surrounded by many trees and flowers. I live with my uncle and aunty.

            My villege is  Kandagoda. It is a beautiful villege. Rocks, Water falls and other beauty full places in my villege. My villege temple is sutuated in very nice place and this situated in big and tall rock. I love my villege so much,

      My country is Sri Lanka. It is a beauty country. my country Precident is Mr.Mahinda Rajapaksha.He is a good Precident.He live in Hambanthota. rivers, water falls in my country.

   Athur V  Dias , the well known Enviromentalist, was born into a wealthy  family   in Panadura. He started a tree planting campaign espacially to promote jak. He dristributed jak seeds througtout the country by mail and encouraged people to grow jak trees. He was given free postage facilities for this purpose as a token [...]

     I am the national flower is Srilanka. Iam amoug the most beautiful in the world. I was born in mud. I wan’t plenty of waterand  mud to grow. I am the aquatic plant. I bloom in the morning.  I have a sweet fragrance. people like to take me to the lord Buddha . I am [...]

     Flowers have been important to man since ancient times. People love to grow flowering plants in their home garden. Botanical gardeb like Peradeniya and Haggala have a wide varietyn of flowers. Natural forests like Sinharaja are also abundand in beautiful flowers.

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