Last week I met a long lost friend of mine. Currently he is working at the Human Resources department of one of the biggest business groups in Sri Lanka. So what are you up to now? I asked. He is a social media analytic. He apparently handles social media research and analysis of the candidates and potential candidates. What the hell is that now? Well its the next level of human resource

Last week I met three science graduates. One person was talking about the issue where even the science graduates do not have proper jobs. Second person told me that now she regret for selecting science as her field. She said, “If I manage to do a MSc, maybe I will get a university lecturer job. Third person was talking about a different issue on our mothers and sisters moving to Middle

When I meet educated Sri Lankans working abroad , they always ask this question. How we should help our fellow Sri Lankans back home. They have the expertise and the resources, yet have no information as to how or where there help should go. Therefore I decided to start a series of articles to show them where we need help. Problem   The most critical problem at the country right now seem

What is the main challenge a small or medium business faces these days? Could it be competition?  Could it be loosing customers? Could it be employee frustration, or could it be the downfall of profits? I've met quite a lot of small to medium businessmen in Sri Lanka. They actually knew how to handle the core of the business and earn revenue. But their biggest challenge was to cope up with the

I happened to read some hilarious comments in a gossip web site where men in Sri Lanka expressed their sadness over their wives getting  fat and not paying any attention to keeping up the body shape after a baby is born. Then I thought this is a timely article to write. Running is of course a good way to keep up not only the body ...

I came  across this awesome speech called the "Danger of a Single Story”, by Chimamanda Adichie, a young Nigerian author. While explaining the single stories she went through in life, she points that "The single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only ...

Bring up a girl child is one of the most challenging yet very satisfactory experience in life. A girl's life or mostly depend on how the parents brings her up. Having the opportunity to be open up with many girls and many elderly women, I thought I should summarize this article in to what are the mistakes we do with brining up a girl and how to address and overcome those. (photo credit -

Ever heard of reverse engineering? This too is an article like that. If anyone needs to understand how to save a marriage, they should know how a marriage could be broken. Of course there are many challenges a family faces. But this is one ugly truth a women would have to face. So how to save your family? Just know what would come across your path. Then you may guess when the bull turns (if you

How to cook Sri Lankan food easily? I have some of the friends who usually works nearly 12-16 hours a day either from office or remotely logged from home. In some families, both husband and wife work such long hours due to the nature of their jobs. By the time they come home, they are too tired to cook a meal. Therefore they either settle for a short eat or take away food from a restaurant.

Why on the earth I'm writing on debit and credit? :D   There were couple of requests from my friends to write a summarized  article on this topic. Most of the accounting job interviews contains at least few questions on debit and credit. There are thousands of articles in internet on debit and credit. But I thought I should write a summary version customized to Sri Lankan interviews, so

Men on women ! Recently I happened to read some of the comments made by male readers regarding a lady in one of the gossip web sites . I was quite shocked to read those. For a moment I thought what sort of an animal society we are living in. Men in this country are sick.  But then again I remembered that, these are the people we try so hard to help. These are the men we try to develop and

What are the things donors should take in to account when giving funds to organizations in Sri Lanka?   A small scale foreign donor asked me the above question and I actually Googled to find a proper answer. But failing which, I realize I can answer this question to a reasonable extent. I have come across many NGOs in various stages in different contexts. This article contain some information

I could not log in to my blog for nearly an year. But today I came across an amazing launching of a web site by an upcoming event planner in Sri Lanka. I just could not resist, but post this. I have met many people who says "oh we choose to be a doctor / engineer / lawyer /banker/ accountant etc, no body told us life will be so complicated and unhappy with this job". But many do not even

How to decide whether to do computer / IT studies in Sri Lanka -Part 3 As we promised in the previous articles, this is the third part of the series of articles on the IT / computer industry in Sri Lanka. What we expect is to give some idea for the students regarding the jobs, its responsibilities and benefits. Then they can learn with an aim. They can decide what they should study and what

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