Sinhala and Tamil new  yaer is in April.It is a celebrated by    sinhalese.and hindus.It is a nationalfastival.The     new year fastival has very special castioms.   The newyaer is generally on the  13th  or 14th of ASpril. The muslims follow the lunar calender.

Properties  which we can use  Comoros  can be indertifed as public properties.  school,hospital, bus, stations,police station and some other roads can be  indentured as some of public properties. We  should protect these properties  for the  future . As responsible people should do  them careful.Some people donot  use public propeties well. when,we consider  about  pulic  toiles,we can see  that  they are  ...

Anuradhapura was  the capital of ancient sri lanka. It is in the north-central province of this island. The sacred. Sri Mahabadhi is in the there. There are many tanks in Anuradhapura  during  poson  season thousands of  people arrive  Anuradhapura.

My  School  is  MR/ Methodist  Central College at Hakmana.  It  is a very  beautiful school.  It is  in  the Hakmana  town.   There  are  about 1000  students and   about  50teachers.  I  like   my   school.  My  school  is  a  very   good.  My   college  is  keeping me  very happy.  The school’s web site is [...]

The Blow Hole The blow hole or the Hummanaya is a wonderful  gift  of  nature. It is  a  very   beautiful.  The  closest Hummanaya  to  us  is  at  Kuduwella, between  Dickwella and   Tangalle. The   whistling  sound and  rising  up of  sea  water make  us happy. But this     ...

My teacher is very kind. She teaches us well. She is  tall and fair.I love my teacher very much. She is very beautiful and pleasant. She works happily.Our teacher improves our general knowledge.

My  pet  is  Cat.  Its  name  is    kitty. My  pet  is brown  in  colour.  It  can  climb  trees  and  run very  fast.  It  is  a  clever  hunter.  It  likes  to sleep  very  much.

My  country  is  Sri lanka  .It  is  an  island  in the   lndian  Ocean  .  It  is  a  small  country. Sri  lankans  are  friendly,helpful   and hospitable .  Sri  lanka  exports  tea,rubber  and coconut.  Colombo  is  the  capital  of  Sri  lanka. There  are  many  sacred   places.Some   of them  are  kandy,Sripada,Anuradhapura  and Polonnaruwa.I  wish  to  serve  my  country in  [...] ...

My  grand  father  is  Mr Piyasena.  He is a  very kind and  brave  man.   He  is 83 years  old. He   is  a   very  healthy  man  because    he   is very  active.  My  grand  father  is a  vegetarian.  He  gives  sweets  to  us  and   tells us  folk  tales and  songs.  I  love  grand  father.

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