Introduction into DE wet shaving What is a Double Edge razor? The double edge system uses a single double sided blade inserted into the razor body in place of the more common place multi-blade cartridge razor. This extremely sharp single blade is used to remove hair in several passes through a process of hair reduction. [...]

Every morning I go through my routine which includes the daily shave. I’ve been doing this ever since my dad taught me to wield the tool(Gillette Mach 3) and shave the whiskers when I was 14. I hadn’t thought much of it for many years but recently the on-going requirement to spend exorbitant amounts of money to [...]

So it begins, the journey across the ocean on a trip of a lifetime. The anticipation of the sights and sounds, the imagining of the people met and the places discovered, I can’t wait! Though i expect that internet coverage may be sparse I will most definitely document this journey. The sights will be captured [...]

After six years I have returned to the home country. In between the run around for the wedding, visiting relatives and adjusting back to the heat and humidity of Colombo, there hasn’t been much time for photos. The six year time difference has highlighted to so many changes and so many things that have remained [...]

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