I wrote a post for my sister. This one is for the baby brother. I've made peace with the space my siblings have given me. I cleared the clutter away in a mad frenzy last evening, storing what belonged to them and making our room only child friendly. I thought it would make me feel better, would let me adapt better to this..instead, I am just lonely. The tears I did not cry in my sister's presence

6.30pm. Come home early on account of persisting headaches and flu like symptoms.A sort of disappointment creeps in and settles it self in the pit of my stomach as I approach home. No lights on. No people at home. Doggie must be sleeping somewhere inside. A small happy bubble forms at the thought of doggie. Pat doggie, make myself tea , download an episode of The Mentalist.7.30pmCouple of

Thank God for February. Amen. There was not the hope that tagged along with January 2010. There was not the champagne like wind, the faith that in case of everything failing, we can still find something else to do with our lives.the bitter cold is gnawing at memories.The mindless typing away at the keyboard to keep people away.Why are they so loud and annoying?? More importantly, why do they

I am now an only child. I have enough chocolate powder for a month, my shampoo is safe, the doggie loves me more, dad and I are like, you know, totally taking it cool.Not. I hate it. I can't be an only child now ! I hate the extra space around me. My siblings are the only thing about me. The big sister. The baby brother. sigh. without them..I am just plain old me. Why must people grow up and go

I have a big wooden table, a funky new monitor, and a window to my left. life is good. Except that I find myself staring out at the rain on a Sunday morning through the aforementioned window. The blinds being opened as a celebration of not having to put up with superiors who throw a tantrum at the prospect of sunlight. I love windows. I hope I will always have a window nearby. Yesterday was my

I wake up late usually. I am not a morning person and I don't understand the deal with Morning People. Today, a poya day, ( we were supposed to go out of col , but I see that has not fallen through for some reason ) , a day I could have stayed in bed till past 10, I wake up at 4. That's the thing.I can't seem to sleep. I'd work 12 hours straight, come home, do my household chores, go to bed and

No really. Like young people drop dead. Heart attacks mostly. For the last two months I heard of 4 deaths that was caused by heart attacks. At 32, 32, 35, 42. Just like that. Drop dead. Really. Why do we live like we'll live forever? We need to get up and start working out. Love more. Fight less. Go see grand parents more. Talk to our mothers more. Worry less about money. Let's just be happy.

This is going to be a long one. 29/04/2010She made the prettiest bride I ever saw. I realize I've lived in a shadow. I have also thought in half sentences, she'd completed the rest. We'd read each others' thoughts and laugh at jokes that were not said out loud in public, my mother would turn to me to understand what she meant when her eyes twinkled, and I'd have to translate. She'd played the

Written on the 14/04/2010. Mid day.Home for Avurudu. Yesterday was too hot. So much so that my clothes clung soaked to my skin and I fell asleep on the somewhat cool floor near the big windows.Today, it's nice. Having rained the night before, the sky remains one big heavy cloud. There's a cool breeze about. My father is in his room reading, The Baker and my mother are in the kitchen, eXon is out

He sat at my feet, on the floor, fumbling with the computer wiring and I , carried on working. It was late, we were both tired and neither of us said much. Then without warning, he said he had something to say, would I please not misunderstand?? I said ok, go on shoot, tell me what's on your mind, but I kept my eyes on the screen while I slotted millions of money in to neat little squares. He

I like the Xerox machine here at work. It's so...macho. It's big and seem so complicated and quite distant and resolute but just requires a few gentle nudges here and there to get what I want. And when I've pushed the wrong button, it gently informs me that there's a paper jam by displaying a very polite message on it's screen. I like that about this particular Xerox machine. The gentleness.I

..a moment of self contradiction. I think I need a plan.2010 was supposed to be different , 2010 was supposed to be good. well , it's so far been better than 2009 but it's too soon to tell. This is just so ..meh.I mean c'mon, indigestion twice this year. What the hell?Working full steam on and then complete break down??Still take a photo a day , mostly more, but there's at least some sense of

Working with autopilot on. My mind works on its own. I choose the silence in between the voices around me, I pick apart the sentences in my head. I feel a profound sense of humility, and it weighs me down and keeps me in my place. I feel no confusion. Just peace. Maybe. A restless peace. I feel as if we are at crossroads. You and me. looking at each other. looking out for. forgive me if I'm going

I called people yesterday. and boy, weren't they thankful. I had gotten home after a exhausting family trip and a longer week that never seemed to end and I'd been beat. I'd been stressed and thrown about all week,and I had ignored people. So when I went home last night, and seemed to have a little time before I went to sleep I called my friends. Three out of four had thanked me for calling. I

Greetings my dear earthlings !!!Long time no see. Quite literally in some people's case. We at the Daily Dose are proud to announce, that for the benefit of mankind, we are going public. yes, we do what we can.This used to be a personalized service for people in distress but times are a changing . ( That is the ugliest cliche in English language btw )So, to start with I would like to point out

Something is amiss. I gotta fix it. I don't know how, but I have to.I suppose I've got to get some guts, stand up and make some choices.Well, I could make them sitting down,but you know what I'm saying. I'm too chicken? Too much at stake??? Giving up too much too soon???But I gotta do it. Time's running out.This, even though I am one of those people who'd never been able to plan anything when

As of now I'm not. I am not rich what with me young self being under paid and all that , but aren't we all?? My loan is being paid every month on the dot, my credit score is good , my worldly possessions can be listed down as a D90 and some books. and , some clothes. I own nothing else.So what if I was completely poor? Like no money at all??The worst thing that can happen I guess is the bank

Damitha Kurukulasuriya. 25 years old. Died of Leukemia on the 11th of February 2010.She fought a long hard battle for almost for two years, and she lost.Out of all the faces that came and went from my life, hers is one that got stuck in my memory, for we'd been in class when we were young.It's been years, long years, since school and for all the names that I can't draw a face to and the faces

I contemplated pulling the plug on this thing the year before, but somehow didn't . And then I died, but I still kept this going on. Now I'm older than I should be allowed and I really wanna kill it this time but instead I just opted to change the way it looked. It's like getting a hair cut to make yourself feel better.sort of. We all know it's not going to work, but we try. It's been a long

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