I look at your pictures then I look at mine and I wonder why you don’t look as happy as we do? Where the sparkle in her eye has disappeared to.

Today you kissed me tenderly on the lips encircled my waist with your strong arms from behind. Today we spoke of wedding bands and trimmings Had dinner, but we knew there were bigger appetites to be whetted. You stole a kiss and more in the seclusion of my room Your touch lingers long after you’ve left. yet, not even 2 ...

Thump Thump. Thump Thump Thump. Thump again. ThumpThumpThumpThumpThumpThumpThumpThumpThumpThump!!!! * * * * That’s my heart, getting ahead of itself again. No, not for you. For him.

So you went on your way, with candy floss girl, to pin on your arm, make you feel more man; but when the mundane sets in, as it is likely to do, I hope you’ve read up, on Christina Aguilera.

It’s strange, this heart. When I braced for the worst, I sat waiting for it to come, but, it didn’t. So I waited even longer, thinking residual pain will surface, but, it never did. You’re no longer under my skin.

It’s finally over. I don’t miss you, return your calls, or when I see you, feel like the rug is pulled under me. You see, I’ve got the better man, and he’s just that, all man, and you – you  never even came close. Not even in a dream.

Last evening, you seemed irrelevant. Last evening, my world was blissful. Last evening, you got drowned in a bottle of chardonnay and his kiss. Only for last evening.

I if could undo those last few years I’d re-write my pages and erase you from existence Not a memory I’d spare No, not even the pleasant ones. You’ve done more harm than good tested my will made me doubt what’s good for the elusive ‘what if’ and every time I say ‘No more’ you come around again and set ...

I’m a glutton for punishment. I like it in big mugfuls. When disaster stares at me in the face, I go over, prod it and say ‘hello, remember me?’

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