Oh won’t you stay, Let the midnight weep your absence Run into my arms, fall unto me Like a ripened leaf in autumn, weary An exploding star, in all your darkness Your rage, your light, your fire, I admire Your vividness Your undefined depths, I am aware That you are, but dust In all your […]

Clocks have stopped but time has not For time knows no dust, it barely sits still And is impatient, Like a little girl at the sound of the ice cream truck. Time is gone, like sifted sand through my fingers, better yet Tap water, treated with chlorine Like days in your lovers arms, like hours Gazing at the sea. I ...

Here I sit and Spin hours away, as days Drag their feet across the floor making A terrible racket. You, in your acheful distance Tug at my veins squirting Purple blood, blue With longing. I pine for you, You pine for me and Somehow we End up in each other’s arms Sooner or later. Not […]

Yesterday I felt your absence, Right beside me, like a perilous drop From which I edged away, fearing for life. Emptiness overwhelmed, overthrew What little sanity was left, as Hip hop beats pelted all around Like paralyzing darts at a Sore, swollen heart. Have you ever felt how lonely, how barren These club beats make […]

I sleep, like a log, no More like a woman, craving sleep Clutching desperately, At the last wisps of dreams, breaking My nails as they flee I always wake with a start, sometimes Like the sky falls down, no Like I fall down from the sky, it is painful. Sometimes I bleed Inside my mind. Floating […]

Intervene you must, oh fate You funny little thing Cruelty is your second nature, mystery Being your thing. Butterflies flew over head, while Smiles popped lips like flower buds Eyes locked, intertwined Knowingly pregnant, exquisitely Baffled. You had to make your presence known, didn’t you? Fate. Some sulk in a dark corners invoking Whirlwinds of […]

The city clothed itself in sombre robes The trees stood silent, leaves no longer Dilly-dallying in the wind Respectful reverence, or was it Petrified fear? I saw your face through the haze, petrol fumes Clouded my judgement. You Touched my hand and smiled Into my eyes. Cue – this is where I melt, into your […]

Gnawing at thoughts these tiny little creatures, Scuttling all over, pricks sometimes Those pointy meddling feet, numerous In composition. Hurt Comes at unexpected times. Somewhere drips bleeding, and I Think to myself that People are meddlesome insects and I Find solace only in my thoughts, so Loyal and so intimate. Walls have been built and […]

My phantom, my muse You tease me, you test me dearly With random smiles, a careless kiss from time to time So tender on my lips, a painful brush, but I quite like the pain. My beautiful spirit, you Have been away for far too long that The springs have dried up and The parched […]

I remember those Rainy September afternoons when Wind brought you in Like a whisper, lingering In candied gasps All enveloping.   Apple pie baking, Spicy golden fragrance, reminiscent Of tinsel and Christmas Decorations, first And foremost, tasted with nose And then by tongue.    And you Bringing in, an armful of smiles Staggering with the weight Of joy. […]

Falling leaves take over the mind’s eye Falling, falling their bare veins revolving Disintegration, decomposition, dissolution, desolation! Branches writhe in sheer agonization Blue and black. But bleed? Oh no, not I! As layers peel, insides bare Falling away World turns slow, too slow Days change to nights, nights to day and night to night Life [...]

We shall have beds full of subtle odors Couches as deep as tombs And strange flowers upon shelves Exerting their last warmth at will. Our two hearts shall beam, two large torches Reflect their double lights These twin mirrors inside our minds Glowing softly and then the embers Will fade into darkness within the flame Wailing [...]

They rose from amongst the yellowing leaves And the fallen twigs of yesterday’s showers They fed on despoiled flower petals That lay weeping on the muddied ground. They borrowed the gold from the specks of dust That float about in the evening sun rays Lightning gave them life and wind Gave them flight to set [...]

Oh God! The residual love stings Like glass splinters in the head, the pain Lingers, the dolor Of fading affection is Bitter sweet, you cannot but weep From exhaustion, tell yourself It will all be over soon, but will it Drown itself in the bog of indifference That easily, while everything else Crashes and burns, [...]

Tears are Heart juice flowing from the eyes, wringed From the insides, writhing And coiling like a beheaded serpent Frivolous attempt To recuperate beheaded emotions. Suffocating, stifling Blood gasps for air Liberating yet Asyphyxiating, masochistic perhaps As one gleans relief from These painful drops…..

I should like to hold you now Despite the yawning miles, defy The gnawing acid of distance, perhaps Reach out to you in your dreams, but you Never really dream, do you? Barred behind that impenetrable wall of sleep you Wander off on your own, and I Can do nothing else but wait Till you unbar the [...]

Rainy afternoons Smelling of wet earth, hot coffee And books Quiet evenings Of fluttering pages and somnolent fantasies In pale light filtered Through pregnant clouds and Green leaves burdened With the juice of the sky. When suddenly, you breeze in Piercing through the cascade And splatter upon my skin Fragrant and serene Like a forgotten [...]

Just to let y’all know, my debut collection of poetry, “Scattered” is being launched on the 9th September 2012 at the Barefoot Gallery Cafe at 5.30 pm. Those of you who are interested are most definitely welcome to drop by. There will be poetry, there will be music, what more can you possibly want?? :) [...]

Serpents coil round and round an anemic heart Choking, throttling While it spits blood, squirts Water, for blood has been shed Many, many times. Having been ravaged by prying vultures Having been pinched by thoughtless fingers, needles Of indifference, cruel, stabbing words Having been attacked with poisoned arrows, almost Been sawed apart once, minced and [...]

Pictures freeze, pictures hold Moments of tenderness suspended in air A loving glance, a rose petal of joy Or a stem of hope, budding fruits of innocence, Pictures, those jars of preservative stuff, Are memorials held for those moments lost And people who have long since changed And the people in those pictures have long [...]

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