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As per request of the spousal unit yours truly was forced to go on a Social Media Detox. The first few days were the toughest as this was not a planned diet of sorts, but more of a cold turkey approach.

Not only does Mili have Big Ideas, these days he seems to Think a Minute as well. I'm referring to my latest pet project, a Facebook page for my daily dose of sarcasm and satire, which is a totally different look on the usual motivational quotes you see.

Effective November 1st, there will be a shuffle of radio frequencies in Sri Lanka. Key differences are that : Radio stations will have a max of 2 frequencies. The gap between stations has been increased to 3Mhz. Only 2 English stations on limited range, Japanese Car Stereos. :( Following is a list of all the frequencies :

Social Media isn't a complicated Science, despite the extremely complicated metrics out there to measure the success of it. I'm against people writing rule books, defining 'this is Social Media' and 'not that' and generally over complicating it. That being said, if there ever was one rule I'd want all those engaging in Social Media to follow, it would be..

Everybody agrees that brands have to be more friendly and possibly human on Social Media. This means tearing down the high walls that large corporates love to build and open them selves up for lots of criticism. It goes without saying that this is probably the hardest thing to do. There is no sweet taste in this medicine. But "it's good for you", as they say.

Sitting over here in Sri Lanka, I don't notice that many errors in the recently released Apple Maps in iOS 6. However seeing what people are saying around the world, it is a no brainer that the product is flawed, and is not acceptable by Apple's rather high standard of perfection and emphasis on usability.

A certain sect of Muslims (from Beruwala) were seen protesting today. They were on their way to hand over a petition to the American Embassy. Unfortunately this particular protest is more of a political gain for certain ministers, to be seen as the 'true saviours' of their religion and ensure a win, come election time. It is sad that each ...

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