I think most of the Sri Lankan Blogsphere knew about Kalusudda. While catching up on Cerno’s post on the blogs that has run aground, I found out that Kalusudda is gone. His wife has posted “Closure” Even though I do not post on this blog, I thought of leveraging Kottu to let everyone know.

After visiting Magerata I have had my visions of the country slammed on my face. I was really hurt to see how the people were suffering. I saw the people from all walks of life being mistreated. Basically I have been taught of my ignorance. There might be a day, when I will be looking [...]

After a few days of ups and downs, the Colombo stock market came back with strength yeaterday. It gained over 1%, and made me one of the best student investers! If these swings continues as they are, instead of applying for jobs, I might be able to walk into a few board of directors meetings, [...]

Someone has expressed his thoughts on an article called “Googling Sri Lanka” (for life of me I could not find the name of the author of the article on Financial Times) which runs very parallel to mine. Parallel because I think more aggressively than him like I envision Sri Lankan exports to be $20 Billion instead of [...]

The state owned companies are looking to offer IPO and of course we are to take an interest in what is already ours! at least good folks like us who pay our taxes . The companies seeking to offer public shares include SriLankan Airlines Catering, Shell Gas, Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC), Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), SriLankan [...]

Sri Lankan stocks slid further Thursday, after Wednesday’s early morning fall and late afternoon rally, with falls in index heavy stocks like John Keells Holdings (JKH), Hatton National Bank (HNB) and Aitken Spence, brokers said. Jittery amateur investors seem to be the cause of stocks slid on both the days.  But if you you know your numbers [...]

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