with every curve in every road i know, i take you with me your words, they are the wind they move me on. and like the sun you are always here you surround me. but there are days, knowing is not enough there are days the sun burning down is still not close enough.

love this love the flickering kind unspeakable but for the language of the kindred. this love, in fit and starts it leaks from corners of water-tight pretenses. this love, it waits patiently flames slow-licking bridges made of paper hold me now now now now i dont want to wait.

i keep walking away away and away from you but i know i will find you still i will find you in the song of the trees in the rain on my skin in the touch of every hand i will find you where it feels like home.

keeper of butterflies in my stomach maker of music painter of stars. my fire-starter, will you ever love me? ever know my heart want me. take me. madness of mine my secret love.

sometimes, i picture you in your back garden lying in an easy chair feet up, book in hand. half smiling in your absent minded way. sometimes, when i picture you this way, i wonder if the slow sweet rustle of your green paddy fields ever makes you think of me.  

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