She craves to slip her fingers through yours As you both watch the sun sink in to the sea Why can’t you just hold her hand? She says she’s got something special for you I can’t wait to see how you react Why can’t you be excited for her? She said she likes you- likes [...]

 The sun just dancing away in to the warm arms of the ocean Silver streaks on snow white clouds where jets two have flown She setting sun kisses her skin as she smiles to herself sheepishly The thought of being so close to him warms her soul deep inside   She strolls slowly along the [...]

It was a restless night for her as she lay on her bed watching music videos of the 80’s and 90’s making conversation with a bunch of people she has just been acquainted to. A marathon of songs being exchanged with one such person from the bunch whom she adores; she sort of went off-guard [...]

Here I am seated at my desk gazing at my screen doing the mundane work From the corner of my eye, a colourful rapid movement takes place Royal Blue and dark brown feathers fluttering away diving in to the pond He dives in not just once or twice, but six times in a row Amazingly [...]

Time does fly I must say and it has certainly been a while since I came back to my life of blogging.  First of all. I did get my stolen Chelsea lanyard back and yes indeed it was a very good surprise and I am glad it came just back to me. Secondly, whilst I [...]

After a crazy evening anticipating a tsunami I head home as usual after work I leave my Office ID on the main board gleaming at the tag its my favourite English team I take a walk along the main road for close to an hour walking aimlessly I knew the tsunami was expected at 16:50hrs [...]

It was another manic Monday morning at work There I was just sorting out my thing as usual It’s a new boss and new work and all that in line Was recovering from my bad weekends’ mood swings Suddenly there on my table a big brown parcel lay “This came in for you” says my [...]

A glass of wine in one hand and the phone in the other Will it blink or not she keeps wondering It’s been a while since she last heard from him The one who makes her smile She picks the book, the same book that he too has Wonders if she should right down something [...]

The early morning breeze kissing my skin I close my eyes for a moment and there you are Just as I had imagined as a little girl I knew that dreams could actually come true Had I not been alive the next day To be having your sweet presence all the way Through one unforgettable [...]

I look at the open space just outside my work place It’s just beautiful to see the Blue Lotus flowers in bloom on water Dragon flies flying to and fro in the sun light A kingfisher or two once in a while The reflection of the small palm trees in the water Is as beautiful [...]

Walking the dog in the woods sounds fun Having Earl grey with no milk and sugar does not sound fun Black pudding, bacon and eggs, yes definitely fun The cold early spring mornings sounds even more fun With lots of pretty Bluebells springing up from the ground Listening to “ Super Massive Blackhole” was fun [...]

I miss you like the deserts miss the rain I think I told you so I miss gazing in to to those eyes deep as the ocean I think I told you so I miss your warm hands in mind to keep me warm I think I told you so I miss having food and [...]

My mind wanders  through all kinds of paths I wish I could stop, pause awhile, take a deep breathe Ask myself the most important question What on earth are you doing?   Some things in life look so right, yet be so wrong You feel you are so close to getting there but Only realize [...]

It was just another day passing by I was thinking of you secretly So much so I think you knew it May be it’s because I’ve not seen you before I have thought of you For decades I must say I guess you finally saw me Reaching out for you Finally here you are just [...]

I look back at time gone by it was precious time Wasted or was it worth it- I don’t know All I can be right now Is just hopeful; that is all about it Longed for your embrace Your touch and kiss You and you alone It’s been a long time 19th is here and [...]

Everyone goes on so much about second chances But are there are really second chances in life? You lose something dear and near to you Will there be a second chance to have that back? Someone breaks your heart and rips it in to pieces You forgive them saying its their second chance But, just [...]

So much for the 60 days of building hopes – i feel like vapor right now The day arrived and many days just followed Am just gathering my courage to leave this nest i built To fly away – never to return I want to feel the wind beneath my wings as i fly The [...]

Its one of those days that I crave for your warmth – nothing else but you Hard days work and all alone by myself thinking of – nothing else but you I know you’ll have that hot meal for me, but I crave for – nothing else but you Just want to talk my heart [...]

Time is ticking from this day on I can’t believe my eyes and ears Is it really true or is it my mind Just hoping that this time its true One year eight months and nine days Since my life just took that turn Every day has been such a challenge But I guess its [...]

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