Shall i compare thee to the moon? perfect from where i stand a million miles awayperhaps the reason for your eternal charmfor I am too far to see the blemishes on your face unattainable for an eternity to be taken for granted

You will cross a mountain I will cross a sea, The memories I’ll buryDeep down in the blue sea, Maybe, in ten yearsI might wake up one day With thoughts of you Fresh from a dream, And wonder, Where you are, What you’ve turned out to be!

Dedication:To the one who has been granted the power to destroy,trusting that he won’t in his ignorance of the power he holdsto make or to break…since he could not break what he never made.

ConfessionI wonder how it would be To meet you again Am I a suspect? Did you ever think Me possible of doing The things that I have doneDo you know it is I Who did it allI will look you in the eye.But will never confess, I will go without it all.Go without you-Most of all.That’s the price I would ...

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