Every toe curling fist clenching moment I’m reminded that we are completely ablaze & alive. Still.

A year ago for the 5th of Sept. my sweet gentle grandmum passed away at the Durdans ICU. One minute she was taking her morning wash and the next she was collapsed on bed holding her back in pain. Everyday there was a new tube or machine willing her to live. Everyday there was a […]

That’s how long C and I have been married for this month/year. Our actual anniversary is on the 25th but we’ll be too busy holidaying on some pretty island/bay/cave which I am deliriously looking forward to :) C is the man. He’s my biggest inspiration,my rock and a reminder that I can in fact love […]

I wonder if you’re around Or better yet Off walking with him On some gentle shore, I wonder if you can see us And if you know How much we miss you And think of you. Driving in is not the same anymore when I look at the window  you used to sit by watching […]

** An excerpt of a conversation between hub and I about meeting friends on Friday night. He’s due to travel out of the country (again!) on the immediate Monday ** Me : Are we meeting up with the gang tonight bubs?C   : Can we meet up tomorrow?Me : I guess, if the others are […]

Falling asleep comes easy when my head lies against your strong chest when that soapy earthy smell is what I inhale just before drifting off. When rough skin is comforting & familiar around my shoulders, all I need to do is Breathe.

1).Visit the Andaman Islands 2).See the Stonehenge 3).Get red(ish) highlights in my hair 4).Get drunk 5).Jet Ski 6).Trek through Sinharaja or some       rainforest 7).Drive to hikka or galle in the dead of      night 8).Do a tequila shot 9).Fly a kite

“See all the places you want to see! travel before you get married” I naively told myself many many years ago. Well that ship sailed sometime back.  I’ve traveled as a kid/adolescent, extensively thanks to my dad’s job that took us all over the globe. I even managed to do a solo ‘just out of […]

With a kiss Your hands through my hair A long bear hug goodbye You’re gone Even only for a while And your perfume Lingers on my skin And lulls me to sleep Even only for awhile.

On the 16th May this blog turned 4 years. This is my ‘place’ and it’s been good so far – hopefully it will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Thank You for reading  

When I was younger – in school, after school and living with parents, I always wanted to participate in plays and do a bit of drama. I was super active in school – writing, directing (and winning!) plays, holding office in the School’s English Union, planning days etc etc. Shakespeare was one of the most […]

I told myself I’d get here in 5 years. It took me 1 month longer but I’m here now, and there’s no turning back. This was a half decade of being thrown to the lions, of having my self-confidence crushed and of doing something that certain people thought I couldn’t do. Today, that person shook [...]

Nothing screams love like the sleepy hand that finds yours in the dead of night. Makes my heart skip a beat. Everytime.

Christmas has come along quietly this year and 2012 has near ended on us stealthily. Reminiscing, my 2012 was a mixed year. It was a brand new year for C and me as newlyweds, so many plans and things we wanted to do and do we did to a great extent. It was also a [...]

I have devised the minutest of plans to give great great joy. A make shift coffee station in my bedside cupboard. A jug kettle, a ziplock bag filled with 3-1 coffee sachets & our usual stash of green tea, some ginger tea bags, sugar and 2 spare mugs and there is heaven in my bedroom! [...]

C’s work has since of late been making him travel alot. Most often for weeks at a time. Getting used to it has been tough and at times down right miserable. His nasty streak rears its head when he bugs me incessantly about the things I do to wile away the time (most of it [...]

By the Christmas bug that is! Maybe it’s because that’s all we talk about in office coupled with the forecasting for next year in full swing. I’ve got the plans for e season slowly forming in my head starting with the lengthy prep work for the christmas cake right upto when the tree goes up [...]

Some people need to keep theirs to themselves and maybe learn a bit of discretion coupled with a dose of sensitivity. That is all.

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