Sometimes the mind plays games with you. It gobbles you up with guilt when you know, you are helpless and you cannot do anything to change the situation. Yet, the mind doesn’t seem to understand this. It keeps reminding you of something you didn’t do, like a cancer, it conquers your soul. It leaves your paralyzed; makes your whole life ...

Not for a moment of happiness, not for the sake of seeking shade among the misery and darkness. It is for the requirement of unrequited love and affection. That is required to keep me alive. So love me, like the way I love you. No compromises , No commitments. Just true love… required for me to live..

Sometimes wish if the past can be rekindled. like a picture than never fades, like a memory that never gets erased. Sometimes wish that time is machine that be re started, to go back to those days where things were pretty and happy. But you know you can’t do it. It belongs to fairy tales and movies. Reality is that you have to ...

Not in a moment , Not a chance , No miracle or magic.  It is like the sun shining and the moon graces the night. We are always in our ways..

Let’s get inside that closet Throw away all those clothes out and keep those doors shut Let’s stay in the dark , together And find our souls within amidst the silence Let’s get into the car we always travel and keep the windows open while we lay in the back seat ruining our bodies amidst the  dashboard and car covers ...

Lost without a trace in a train of thoughts filled with emotions that is bottled up and cannot comprehend mixed with trauma and happiness disturbed by the unforgiving reality now tell me with all of this, won’t you end up being crazy?

She called me Jack and I called her Jane. We were birds burning in a love flame. If only she understood me , and I learned to read her eyes. We would have been together. With love, peace and joy.

It was never what I thought I would see. Until I saw it all through her eyes. I saw my future , my destiny. my will to survive. It was not a dream , It was all reality. Waiting to unfold in front of me , I am eagerly awaiting , to feel it all.

The ice starts melting  as the drink  slowly moves through the mouth to the liver. Burning flames of passion , desire . One drink becomes two  and then you go for another. Time makes you dizzy and craving for another.  And then there she stands, all ready to take you in.

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