5,081 people that is. The petition was created by a small group of concerned Sri Lankan citizens, following the systematic harassment of minority communities around the island over the past few months. What started out with banning Halal food, rapidly developed into arson attacks on Muslim owned businesses, defacing of Mosques and attacks on Churches. That’s […]

Sri Lanka needs to rise. The injustice is too deeply set– it’s time we snapped out of the apathy and made some noise. Investigations of the Wijerama gang rape victim is against the victim. Yes, you read that right. It was reported that the police suspect she’s a sex-worker and so her claim of being raped [...]

One Billion Rising has been launched in several countries, and on Sunday Sri Lanka joined the growing list. Women in Need conducted a walk the same day that led to Galle Face where OBR Sri Lanka  was launched, with motivating speeches from inspirational women, street theater, song and dance. At Galle Face for the launching of [...]

We support this and we’ll be at Galle Face for the launch of One Billion Rising in Sri Lanka. Yes, one billion exceeds our 20 million population. And that’s what’s startling. See, the UN has discovered that 1 in 3 women become victims of gender based violence everyday. With a world population that stands at [...]

The trouble with man-induced destruction is that ‘law’ cannot keep up with ‘science’. Science has no morals; from animal testing to finding cures for diseases that once were a stamped passport to the after life. It has no scruples as to whether research and development or inventions are detrimental to the world. It’s all about wanting to know more, [...]

What comes to mind when you think of Vesak? I am sure you’re reminded of observing sil, going to the temple and worshipping, the jathaka stories, the stories from life of Lord Buddha, the importance of the Dhamma etc. I am sure that thoughts of making Vesak koodu (lanterns) at home, of the lavishly lit [...]

Come. Join us as we take you back in time, centuries into the past when Sri Lanka was an unexplored little island. We’ll trace back to how your ancestors got to the speck of an island that you call home– whether you’re Sinhalese, Tamil, Burgher, Moor or Malay or smurf. Expert on the Subject, Asiff [...]

Rajiv is torn between pleasing his parents and pursing his passion. Time is running out and he’s cornered into choosing a safe but dull career in the field of commerce or trying his luck as an artist. As the walls close in on him, Rajiv picks the latter; but at a dire cost of losing [...]

No; not like a virus circus that can only be viewed through an electron microscope. This was a notch better. Our Forum Theatre group staged a play about HIV AIDS- how the disease is contracted, how to protect yourself and wrong notions about the disease. It was back on 10 December at the Royal Skills [...]

In the run up to the 2012 Galle Literary Festival in which Beyond Borders will be participating in  two sessions, we decided to run down to Galle to gather some ideas for our dramas. We didn’t get up early in the morning, as is customary when going our of Colombo, to catch a bus. Rather we decided to go a little [...]

Day sixteen features a photograph by Raashid Riza. It’s the final day of the campaign and we’re highlighting how children affected by domestic violence. Contributing to the topic, the following post was made by Bhagya Senaratne. Their Story It’s not my story to tell. However, I have been privy to this for a few years [...]

Day fifteen features a photograph by T. Intimate partner violence is a little studied, yet frequently occurring phenomenon in Sri Lanka. IPV occurs in many ways, including psychical, verbal, psychological and sexual abuse by a spouse. Reports show that there is a high prevalence of abuse such as marital rape and sexual abuse, wife beating [...]

Day Fourteen features a photograph by the BB team. Fists Don’t Listen By Abdul Halik Azeez Fists don’t listen in my blurry state I’m a dog without a home My psyche can’t love; slave to a world that never throws me a bone The system rules the outer world My task is your sustenance The [...]

Day thirteen features a photograph by Rushda Mohinudeen. While gender-based violence has recently emerged as a salient topic in the human security community, it has been framed principally with respect to violence against women and girls, particularly sexual violence. In this article, I argue that gender-based violence against men (including sexual violence, forced conscription, and [...]

Text can be changed. Day twelve features a photograph by Salaf Tegal. ‘Violence’ is a harsh word. On hearing the phrase ‘violence against women’ what comes to mind may be brutal images of-  an acid burnt face, a severed limb, a broken bone or a black eye. Those are the more apparent forms of abuse. [...]

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