[bottle] neck cave fourth first date-a-versary gift. found a bottle that perfectly fit the proportions of one of the bearded one's favourite musicians: nick cave.just look at that forehead. perfection :)dec 2014

clay dawgs jack jack with best bud sniffin komalee's butt rosie suey refused to pose with her figurine so the twinkster stepped in haughty suey whutty that? twinkysep 2014i made some dawgs out of clay.

power cut sketch there was an all-day power cut today, and my laptop, phone and camera were all poorly charged, so i ended up taking my bearded man's advice and sketching in the garden. so i busted out the charcoal and an old A2 sketch pad i still had a few sheets left in and sketched suey standing at our front gate.twinky has ...

map of 2013 dec 2013crimbo present for bearded one: a 'map' of our shenanigans from the past year, and packaging for a mixtape CD shamelessly ripped off from this old limited edition radiohead album. details are a bit censored here and there cos well, you know... privacy and all ;)

jar-vase an idea from this website that i kind of sort of used to make this present for the bearded one. he's a fan of jarvis cocker.dec 2013

tiny dinosaurs august 2013found some old dino toys and decided to photograph them in their natural habitats (my front garden)jack and suey: the ever-watchful peanut gallery

some sort of podcast thing august 2013so this year i recorded a mini radio show podcast mixtape type of thing as a gift for the bearded man on his birthday. it became a CD and a booklet in a small square hardcover thing covered in doodles, tippex, and bits of tickets from buses/planes we took and gigs/movies we went to. think i cut up a ...

2 mongrels feb 2013suey and jack, taken last month with a brand new camera. sadly a fluffy white presence is missing from the shots. it seems weird only having two dogs now, after having had three for so long. even the name of this blog, whilst unchangeable, seems wrong somehow. i guess in my mind it's still closely linked with my dogs, and not yet an entity of its own. let's see what happens in time.

fresh meat grad show invitations nov 2010so we had our grad show at design fest in 2010. myself and the awesome thilini decided to beef up our invitations a tad and this is the final result. i still remember us both sitting there, cutting out each piece of cardboard meat (a choice of steaks, strips of bacon and salmon steaks), each sticker, and then wrapping each morsel in a styrofoam tray. good studenty times :)

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