Un mese esatto alla partenza. E non vedo l’ora! Questa volta avremo i giorni contatissimi! E rimarremo per lo più a Colombo. Poco male però considerato che ci sono molti angoli ancora da scoprire e tanti posti interessanti da visitare. E poi a me Colombo piace! Nel suo essere caotica ha un certo fascino, è […]

WHERE TO GET YOUR BURGER FIX IN GALLE? Post a morning or afternoon wandering the cobbled and cute streets of Galle Fort a Burger is the perfect snack or meal to replace all those hard lost calories Lucky for us there are more and more options to choose from! Here are my top 3 burgers in the Galle Fort & surround The Newbie – Rocket Burger In the ...

Progress That Cavori shirt is from 2003. And it fits perfectly. I promised myself, back in 2008 (when I was obese), that I won’t change my wardrobe until I can fit into all my old clothes. Hard work + Clean Eating = Progress.

I just came out from a Health talk conducted by Dr. Lakmali Amarasiri. Did you know that when it comes to cooking (heating)...1) Coconut oil is healthier than most vegetable oils.2) Butter is healthier than margarine.Food for thought!

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