Highlights – Colombo FC v Army SC – Champions League 2016

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A rivalry that is brewing into a classic as these two sides have met in championship deciders in the last three years. This time they meet in a group stage match but pride was at stake. The post Highlights – Colombo FC v Army SC – Champions League 2016 appeared first on ThePapare.com.

Highlights – Java Lane v Air Force SC – Champions League 2016

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In their last match of the Dialog Champions League Java Lane needed to win, which would have been their first this season, against Air Force to have any hope of avoiding relegation. The post Highlights – Java Lane v Air Force SC – Champions League 2016 appeared first on ThePapare.com.

Week 10 Review – Champions League 2016

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Final week in the Dialog Champions League group stage saw five teams vying for the remaining 4 places for the Super 8’s. The post Week 10 Review – Champions League 2016 appeared first on ThePapare.com.


Sinhala Comedy Full Film : රොඩ්නිගේ සෝබන ආදර හූනියම....!► ලුTV-CineMania [Full Movies] presents its latest Sri Lankan Full Funny Movie- "ADARA SOBANA" (ආදර සෝබනා) starring Top Sri Lankan Comedians RODNEY WARNAKULA & PRIYANTHA SENEVIRATHNE. { ADARA SOBANA Sinhala Full Comedy Movie | ''ආදර සෝබනා'' සම්පූර්ණ චිත්‍රපටය►Cast- Rodney Warnakula (රොඩ්නි වර්ණකුල), Priyantha Senevirathne (ප්‍රියන්ත සෙනවිරත්න) and Manel Wanaguru (මානෙල් වානගුරු) }Must ...

How to make peanut butter – The video

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Peckish Me releases its first ever video in collaboration with Life Online on how to make peanut butter at home!I know the video quality isn’t the best and I can think of a few ways to improve it to give you a better experience, but we are still trying out various techniques and tricks to improve the quality to give you ...

Best SINHALA SONGS sung by Foreigners / Non Sri Lankans - Top 10

Foreigners sing Sinhala Songs : පිටරට කුරුල්ලෝ සිංහලෙන් ගැයූ ගී...!► ලුTV-THL counts down the Top 10 Sinhala / Sri Lankan Songs presented by Non Sri Lankans (foreigners).Listing►{1. A Swiss Couple singing "Sidadiyen Dura Etha Gam Pethe" Sinhala Song. (සිදාදියෙන් දුර ඈත ගම් පෙතේ)2. Indian Boys singing "Duka Hadu Dena Raye" (Gunadasa Kapuge) Sinhala Song. (දුක හාදු දෙන රැයේ- ගුණදාස කපුගේ)3. ...

TENNYSON COORAY in KURULLA Sinhala Comedy Stage Drama - Must Watch Scenes

Tennyson Cooray Comedy Drama : ටෙනී 'කුරුල්ලා' එක්ක හිනා අහසට....!► ලුTV-DramaFever presents its latest Must Watch Scenes video of Sri Lankan Comedy Stage Drama- "KURULLA" (කුරුල්ලා) by TENNYSON COORAY (ටෙනිසන් කුරේ). { "Kurulla" Sinhala Funny Stage Drama by Tennyson Cooray - Must Watch Scenes (ටෙනිසන් කුරේගේ "කුරුල්ලා" හාස්‍ය වේදිකා නාට්‍යය- රසවත් කොටස්)►TENNYSON COORAY, (ටෙනිසන් කුරේ) is a Sri Lankan film ...

විජය නන්දසිරි හා කළාකරුවකුගේ යුතුකම - The Responsibility of the Artist & Vijaya Nandasiri

විජය නන්දසිරියන් ගැන මාතලන් කිසිවක් දඩි බිඩියේ ලියන්නට උන්නේ නැත. එයට හේතු කීපයක්ම තිබිනි. කලබලයේ ලියනා ළිපියක බොහෝ වැදගත් දෑ ගිලිහි යා හැකි නිසාත්, එමෙන්ම ඔහු පිළිබඳ අප නොදන්න දෑ, වෙනත් අයගේ ළිපි තුලින් අහුලා ගත හැකි නිසාත්ය. එමෙන්ම තවත් ප්‍රධාන හේතුවක් වූයේ, ඔහු පිළිබඳ අන්සතු දිනපොත ලියනා, අමිල චතුරංගගේ මගුලක් කතාකරනවා, විජය නන්දසිරි යන ළිපියයි. ඒම ළිපියේ මා ලිවීමට ...

Around The Wickets – Roshen Silva deserves a break at SSC

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Should Dilruwan Perera feature regularly  in the Sri Lanka Test team? What is wrong with Dimuth Karunarathne? Will a Josephian replace another Josephian? Suranga Lakmal to make a comeback? Roshan Abeysinghe reviews the historic win in Galle and previews the upcoming third Test between Sri Lanka and Australia in Colombo on Around The Wickets. The post Around The Wickets ...

VIJAYA NANDASIRI Funny Moments- Top 10- the Best Sinhala Comedy Actor

Vijaya Nandasiri Comedy Clips : විජය නන්දසිරි- නොමියෙන රස මතක එකතුව► ලුTV-THL counts down the Top 10 Sinhala Funny Jokes by VIJAYA NANDASIRI (විජය නන්දසිරි) one of the best Sri Lankan Comedians.{ VIJAYA NANDASIRI (විජය නන්දසිරි) (1944-2016) was a Sri Lankan dramatist and actor. Considered as a leading Comedy Star in Sri Lankan Cinema, he was also a talented singer, ...

Vijaya Nandasiri – Gone, But Not Forgotten!

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Vijaya Nandasiri ( Ilukpitiya Mudiyanselage Vijaya Nandasiri-born in May 06, 1944 ) was one of the most influential figures in the Sri Lankan history of stage drama, sitcoms, and comedic series. He passed away at the age of 72 at Kaluowila Hospital in Sri Lanka on August 08, 2016 due to a cardiac arrest. Nandasiri was born and raised in ...

Chronicling The Sri Lanka Broadband Forum 2016

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The first ever Sri Lanka National Broadband Forum (yes that indeed is a mouthful) was held yesterday, the 8th of August at the Hilton Hotel Colombo. The event, co-hosted by the Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure, the Telecommunications Regulatory Commissions, and co-organized by Huawei Technologies revolved around the theme of “A Better Connected Sri Lanka”. The forum brought together ...

TENNYSON COORAY and GIRIRAJ KAUSHALYA Live Comedy Show - Best Sinhala Jokes

Sinhala Funny Jokes : ගිරා-ටෙනී ඉල ඇදෙන ජෝක්-ටෝක්ස්...!► ලුTV presents its latest Sinhala Funny Video starring TENNYSON COORAY, GIRIRAJ KAUSHALYA & MAHENDRA PERERA (ගිරිරාජ් කෞශල්‍ය, ටෙනිසන් කුරේ සමග මහේන්ද්‍ර පෙරේරා).{ GIRIRAJ KAUSHALYA (ගිරිරාජ් කෞශල්‍ය) is a Sri Lankan Film Director and a popular Comedian. He is the director of Sinhala Comedy Films 'Sikuru Hathe' (2007) and 'Suhada Koka' (2015).TENNYSON COORAY, ...

Chamara through to the final 16

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First Sri Lankan Judoka to represent the Olympics Chamara Dharmawardhena achieved another milestone by getting selected to the final 16 defying all odds. This ambitious young talent was granted a month long scholarship in Slovenia where he trained with a world renown coach. Chamra entered the Olympics as a wild card entry and has already impressed with a brilliant ...