Prospects for greater connectivity in the Bay of Bengal

Below is an excerpt of the write-up of the 2nd BIMSTEC Foundation Lecture I gave on the 24th of August. As the economies of the littoral states grow, the need for connectivity will be heightened. Greater connectivity will make possible increased economic interactions and thereby further accelerate growth. With four of the littoral states among the 10 fastest growing economies ...

e Agriculture Solutions Forum organized by FAO and ITU

I will be moderating the session on E-agriculture challenges, opportunities & solutions – Global experiences at the e Agriculture Solutions Forum 2016 organized by FAO and ITU in Nonthaburi, outside Bangkok, August 29-31, 2016. The objective of the session is to share initiatives on e-agriculture – the challenges and opportunities from public and private sector. I believe the invitation stems ...

Ambushed by a painting inside the head

It sprang at me when I snapped off the light after the bed time story. An hot intense blue sky. Ultramarine. Hints of pale pink peaking between the brush strokes. Then fading to a white haze at the low horizon. The ground spreading from it is a warm dark green plane. Its features are a […]

Highlights Women’s Open final – 2016

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Twenty year old Thisuri Molligoda secured her second consecutive national title defeating Nethmi Waduge in the finals.  The post Highlights Women’s Open final – 2016 appeared first on

Reconnecting the Bay of Bengal

That is the title of the talk I will be giving on 24th August at 0900 hrs as the 2nd BIMSTEC Foundation Lecture at the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. Here I present (incomplete) evidence of the historical connectedness of the Bay of Bengal, reasons why the connectivity decreased after the Second World War, and information on current major developments in ...


Vijaya Nandasiri Jokes : උඩ කරණම් වැඩ බැරිනම් ගහමු ඉතින් බිම කරණම්....!► ලුTV-DramaFever presents its latest Sinhala Funny Full Teledrama BIMAKARANAM [බිම කරණම්] Starring VIJAYA NANDASIRI (විජය නන්දසිරි). { BIMA KARANAM Sinhala Full Teledrama- (බිම කරණම් - සම්පූර්ණ ටෙලි නාට්‍යය)►Cast- Vijaya Nandasiri (විජය නන්දසිරි), Priyantha Senevirathne (ප්‍රියන්ත සෙනවිරත්න), Kusum Renu, Lal Kularathna, Sarath Kulanga, Giriraj KaushalyaScript by- Thilak SenasingheProduced by- ...

TEDx Colombo 2016 – Blueprint for Change

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Sundays are usually the day that one would sit back, sip a cup of coffee and relax. But this Sunday was different. This was a change. One could even say that it was a blueprint for a change. TED, short for Technology, Entertainment, Design, is a set of conferences held globally. Their motto “Ideas Worth Spreading” revolves around many scientific, ...

How to engage in broadband policy and regulatory processors

Sixth course of the series of courses funded by Ford Foundation on “How to Engage in Broadband Policy and Regulatory Processors” is currently being held in IIT Delhi. This course is co directed by Dr. Rohan Samarajiva and Dr. P. Vigneswara Ilavarasan. Sessions are conducted by well renowned industry professionals, researchers from think tanks, academics and retired government officials of broadband ...

VideoShow Pro - Video Editor v6.8.5 APK ( මීලියන 25කට අධික පිරිසක් භාවිතා කරන,ඇන්ඩ්‍රොයිඩි විඩියෝ සංස්කරණ යෙදුමි අතර #1 )

ඇන්ඩ්‍රොයිඩි සිංහලෙන් | Android Sinhalen
VideoShow Pro - Video Editorවිවිධ අවස්ථාවලදි ඔබගේ ඇන්ඩ්‍රොයිඩි ස්මාර්ට් ජංගම දුරකථනය භාවිතා කරමීන් ඔබ විඩියෝ පටිගත කිරීම් කරනවා, නමුත් ඵසේ පටිගත කරන ලද විඩියෝ කපලා කොටලා, අනවශ්‍ය දර්ශන ඉවත් කරලා, තව විඩියෝ ප්‍රයෝග යොදලා ඵම විඩියෝ පටය ඔබට අවශ්‍ය ආකාරයට දර්ශනීය ලෙස සකස්කර ගත හැකි යෙදුමක් තමයි VideoShow Pro - Video Editor කියලා කියන්නේ. ඵ් වගේම තමයි මෙම යෙදුම ...


Sinhala Comedy Full Film : කොච්චර බැලුවත් එපා නොවෙන කොමඩිය....!► ලුTV-CineMania [Full Movies] presents its latest Sri Lankan Full Funny Movie- "SIKURU HATHE" (සිකුරු හතේ) by GIRIRAJ KAUSHALYA (ගිරිරාජ් කෞශල්‍ය). { SIKURU HATHE (2007) Sinhala Full Comedy Movie | ''සිකුරු හතේ'' සම්පූර්ණ චිත්‍රපටය►Cast- Vijaya Nandasiri (විජය නන්දසිරි) , Anarkali Akarsha (අනර්කලි ආකර්ෂා), Rodney Warnakula (රොඩ්නි වර්ණකුල), Priyantha Senevirathne (ප්‍රියන්ත සෙනවිරත්න), ...

Future Today with Kushan Indunil

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Double champion and the captain of Isipathana College Rugby team 2016 Kushan Induni in ThePapare studios. He led his team for the Singer schools rugby league and Milo President trophy triumphant and speaks on the secret of success.  The post Future Today with Kushan Indunil appeared first on

මම කැමතිම ගී දාසය | MY SWEET 16

Vibheeshana Adaviya
ටික කාලයක් වහන් වෙලා හිටලා ආපහු බ්ලොග් අවකාසේට ඔලුව දාලා බලනකොට බොහොම කලාතුරකින් සිද්ද වෙන ජාතියේ තවත් අමුතුම ලස්සන වැඩක් පටන් අරන් බව දැනගත්තේ බ්ලොග් කාරයෝ කීප දෙනෙක්ගේම අලුත් පොස්ට් කියවන්න ගියාමය.ඒ හැම එකාම අපේ ඉයන් ගේ සින්දු දාසයේ බ්ලොග් අභියෝගේ බාර අරන් ය.වැඩේ බහුතරෙකට අල්ලලා ගිහින් තියෙන වග තේරුනෙත් දවස් දෙකක් ඇතුලත කීප දෙනෙක්ම තමුන්ගේ අතීත මතක ගොඩවල් අවුස්සලා ...


Best Sinhala Comedy : මිහිර එක්ක තිරිමාදුර හිනා පොකුර...!► ලුTV presents its latest Sinhala Funny Video starring MIHIRA SIRITHILAKA & KUMARA THIRIMADURA (මිහිර සිරිතිලක, කුමාර තිරිමාදුර). { MIHIRA SIRITHILAKA (මිහිර සිරිතිලක) is a young Sri Lankan Comedy actor who has been popular for his acting in Sinhala Films (Sikuru Hathe, Ko Mark No Mark, Suhada Koka), Telivision (Ataka Nataka, Kathura, ...

Around The Wickets – Is this Dilshan’s last hurrah?

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Rangana Herath, getting better with age? Has Sri Lanka unearthed a real gem in Dhananjaya De Silva? Roshan Abeysinghe analyses the 3rd Test between Sri Lanka and Australia and previews the upcoming five-match ODI series. The post Around The Wickets – Is this Dilshan’s last hurrah? appeared first on

Discussing how research can inform broadband policy and regulation in India

The sixth iteration of the Ford Foundation supported course on how to engage in broadband policy and regulatory processes commenced today at IIT Delhi. An interesting mix of participants has been assembled by Dr Vignesh Illavarasan who is directing the course. He has also assembled a stellar cast of speakers, with perhaps the best gender balance we have achieved in ...

Sumudi Suraweera | Voyaging Musical Waves

Sumudi Suraweera’s passion to celebrate experimental music is robust. He not only co-founded Musicmatters, the music school dedicated to educate about alternative forms of musical compositions, but also initiated the Musicmatters Festival – which has established its position as a significant contemporary musical event in Sri Lanka’s  arts calendar taking place for the fifth consecutive year this August. During our ...

Coldplay & P413 | Beating the Humdrum

Coldplay, one of the most popular music bands of our time released their newest album A Head Full of Dreams which exudes an aura of energy and exuberance. While watching the videos and listening to the lyrics, we realized that they question our mechanized lifestyle which reminded us of the reflections posed in the works of art by Sri Lankan ...

Anoli Perera | Feminist Readings & Contemporary Art

Anoli Perera’s vast knowledge and experience coupled with her vibrant personality formed a vivacious conversation about her upbringing and  deep-rooted passions.  In her recent exhibition, ‘Memory Keeper’ held at Hempel Galleries, she incorporates sewing and fabric in her works of art to resonate to the theme of nostalgia, forgetting and anxieties caused by the erasure of memory, for which she ...

Chronicling YouthHack Sri Lanka’s Startup Challenge

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YouthHack originated in the Philippines and since then it has managed to host events such as ‘Startup Challenges’, ‘Code Weekends’ and ‘Skills Boot Camps’ to educate high-school and university students about startups, technology and entrepreneurship. They hosted a Startup Challenge on the 6th and 7th of August at the MAS Innovation Center. The event was complete with panel discussions, talks ...